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    Quote Originally Posted by tbtadmin View Post
    Can the infusion of platelet rich plasma (PRP) help to reverse or slow the process of Androgenic Alopecia? Does this therapy actually reverse hair follicle miniaturization and “wake up” dormant follicular stem cells?

    Dr. Joseph Greco Ph.D. will be answering your questions concerning this possible breakthrough in the prevention and treatment of hair loss, exclusively on

    Please feel free to post your questions for Dr. Greco and he will provide as much information as possible about his research and results with PRP as it pertains to hair loss.

    This is a great opportunity to communicate directly with one of the foremost experts in PRP therapy for hair loss, so feel free to get involved.
    Hi guys,nickname
    It's fascinating to see Dr. Joseph Greco delve into the potential of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for combating Androgenic Alopecia. Many are eager to understand if PRP truly holds the power to reverse hair follicle miniaturization and activate dormant follicular stem cells. This platform allows us to engage directly with a leading authority on PRP therapy for hair loss.

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