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    Default Anyone heard about New Anti-Aging Hair Solution Keranique

    Is this another scam ? there are several news on google about this new anti aging solution .
    Please advice .


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    Hello ducu72,

    This is nothing "NEW". This is a packaging gimmick and nothing more.
    It is nothing more than over priced generic 2% Minoxidil, over priced volumizing shampoo, over priced volumizing conditioner and an overpriced lifting spray. There is absolutely nothing "NEW" about it at all. The only component in this grossly over priced kit that actually does anything to treat hair loss is the over priced generic 2% Minoxidil. You can do much better just using Rogaine foam, Nizoral A-D shampoo and your choice of sulfate free shampoo and conditioner from your local retailer. Sadly, I know many women are going to fall for this gimmick.

    Take care,


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