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    Default will replicels treatment even be affordable

    Ok, lets say (fingers crossed) that all goes to plan and replicel hit the jackpot, produce the best possible results in all their trials and get a treatment FDA approved...is this even going to be affordable?

    I mean i know that to some people hair transplants are not a financial option but I would say they aren't too bad as most people can put the money together if they really want to get one. Now bearing in mind this is a lot more complex then a transplant, medically speaking. My questio is that with stem cell treatments being relatively knew, what sort of price can/will they charge? the sceptic in me says that it might actually cost them a lot to perform a treatment, let alone make a good margin on it?

    Please dont get me wrong, im trying to keep positive and hope that any next level treatment will be affordable but I am concerned that these companies getting the science right is only half the battle? does anyone know what sort of price to expect with this kind of treatment?

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    idk.... there was some paper from Replicel that basically says that they'll be charging a 15K "licensing" fee per treatment to any clinic that wants to perform their procedure. If that's true, then the treatment could possibly cost > 20K.

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    Depends what you mean by "affordable." Everything's affordable if you have enough money.

    NBT's December 2011 report projected an initial "Per-patient fee of $15,000 for the replication of each patientís cells."

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    i just hope that they find cure.. i will worry abt cost later

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    All of this is probably conjecture at the moment, although I imagine that a
    cost of $15,000 sounds understandable as initial word indiates that it will be in line with the current price of a good transplant. However, there is also the matter of scale. For instance, It is quite possible that the treament cost for a Norwood 3/4 patient would be less than that for a patient who is higher up. Also, the price entry point for when the therapy enters the market will be at a premium for the first few years and should hopefully drop as more people access it.

    Let's just hope that it works first. Start saving guys!

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    For those who have had or looked into hair transplants, do clinics offer financing options? Are there outside institutions that offer loans for such procedures? Or is that too risky a bet? I mean, I'd hope there would be some way to get a loan for this type of thing, but there is nothing they can repo in that situation, so I could imagine reluctance.

    And even if there was a way to repo my hair assuming Replicel works, they'd have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    Anyway, if hair transplants have financing options like that, I bet Replicel will. That, or buy a bunch of stock and cross your fingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravegrover View Post
    i just hope that they find cure.. i will worry abt cost later
    exactly, i will find a way to pay for it. It's either a new car, or new hair. The awnser is obvious.

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    I've seen HT clinics offer financing. I don't know if you can get a lone outside though. Use a credit card if you have one. High interest maybe but if you make sure to pay it off quickly then it's not that bad.

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    I've seen many HT clinics offer financing. They are typically 0% for 12-24 months. 36,48, 60 month terms usually have high interest at like 10-14% (robbery, as if it weren't enough to charge 30k for a 1 day operation).

    Although it's probably not an option for many of the younger users, you could borrow from your 401k or take out a home equity loan.

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    To be honest, I believe parents should foot the bill if their sons want to get an HT. After all, it's the parents who inflicted this suffering on their sons and morally speaking, agree with me or not, they should be responsible for it no matter what.

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