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    Quote Originally Posted by VictimOfDHT View Post
    The truth IS it's not as easy to get girls -especially at a young age- if you're losing your hair. It is possible if : You have confidence the size of a mountain, have a nice muscular body that will divert attention away from your head (hair), have a nice head shape that allows you to shave it off and not look like a freak. Or, most importantly, if you're a handsome man, or if you find a woman who's into shaved heads, or you find a woman who's lacking in the looks department.

    YES I WOULD AGREE WITH THIS. Your confidence is probably your main factor that is going to help you. Let me tell you other factors that can play a role what worked for me.

    Cologne (1million, Aqua di Gio, kenneth cole T-shirt, Abercrombie Fierce)
    well dressed
    well groomed

    A girl is going to judge you the first 10 sec she sees you. So you better make a good 1st impression

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    Quote Originally Posted by john2399 View Post
    So thats it, us young balding college kids can only get some lucky one night stands and never get a girlfriend.
    That is not true. Confidence works way better than great hair or anything else.

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    You can downplay balding in several ways, depending on how servere your balding is.

    1. Shave your head with a razor.
    2. Wear a cool hat or cap
    3. Use hair-loss products - like toppik, hair thickening shampoos, etc..

    You need to pay close attention to your fashion, body, and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisis View Post
    Just wanted to say, I have a LOT of female friends, and 2 of them recently told me they actually like a man with a receded hairline.

    Keep the faith! Women definitely don't like low confidence, so try to maintain that as best you can.
    I had a friend in college just like this. She said a small to medium sized bald spot was a turn on for her as it activated some maternal instinct.

    She said it was only a turnoff if I guy made a big deal about it, tried to hide it etc. She asked me to promise that when it was my time to not to be like her brother and go off on the deep end about it.

    Oh and she also said she would never date a man 40 or above that had a full head of hair because it was a signal that something was not right down below. Maybe she was weird but that is another one that preferred it.

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