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    Unhappy Need help please!!!!

    Hi , I'm Debbie and I'm losing my hair , I had enough hair at one time for 3 heads of hair . Even though I'm very sick with different illness like autoimmune diseases, chronic myofacial pain, fibro, chronic fatigue immune disorder, nerve damage and the list goes on. I always had my hair . My nails r healthy and strong . But my hair has got thinner and thinner its bad I have bald pt he's in my head . I always bleached my hair and the salon left it on 2 long and it come out in handfulls but it was fine after I cut it , a dr put me on testerone cream , progesterone cream, HGH and gave me a pill and I didn't no what it was well it helped my energy from chronic fatigue , but I found out after about 2 months that the pill that dr gave me was a antibolic steroid . So I got GreatLengths exstention in my hair to have hair and the salon told me to take them out myself if I want to use hand sanitizer and pliers well it pulled out my hair and caused bald spots. I cut it off and it started growing again. Now I noticed some of my hair is staying in my scalp normally but alot is so weak and fine it comes out with ease. I've also noticed that the hair on my legs some doesn't grow and the other is very course and is different texture . I no my story is long . But this is my first time on here and if anyone can help me or no what may b causing this please I beg u to help me . I've been praticully bedridden for 7 years with being so sick . And now I'm losing my hair. Please anyone have any thing they can help me with ? Any answers to what may b going on ? Any produts that may help that r safe since I'm sick. If so I beg for any help from u . Thank u .

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    Hi Debbie,

    I wish I knew what to say that could help you but the truth is you need to be talking to doctors, not folks in an on-line forum. Your health is the most important thing. It is very possible and very likely that your hair problems will go away once you can resolve your other health problems. Focus your energy on getting well and your hair will likely come back.

    I wish all the best for you,


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    I have heard of an anti-inflammatory diet being recommended for many of those conditions you list. It sounds a bit like quackery, but now a days, there is a lot of research to back up what was previously just anecdote.

    It probably won't "cure" you, but I hear it goes a long way into alleviating some symptoms. You should do some research into it and ask your doctor about it, if you haven't already.

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