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    Quote Originally Posted by gutted View Post
    are you still experiencing the sides? have you had any tests done on your hormone levels?
    Yeah still got sides. I'm trying to ride it out a little longer but I'm at the end of my patience really. I am going to get some hormone levels checked if nothing improves in the next couple of weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_charger View Post
    unfortunately it doesnt look like they checked any baseline estrogen levels, just testosterone and DHT. these figures werent mentioned specifically, but they just said that men who started in the study showed no difference in testosterone/DHT levels regardless if they had sexual problems or not.

    No, this is a good theory.. I unfortunately dont even know much about hormones, but I did read that estrogen levels might go up a bit when taking finasteride because DHT has been lowered. Im not sure if this would cause side effects, but it might! Maybe some guys (2&#37 just cant handle high estrogen, or maybe their estrogen levels are already high and propecia pushes it up over the edge? I really dont know.. I havent seen any studies that can really explain even why propecia causes side effects.. It would be nice if we could get some input from some medical experts in here!
    I have taken Finasteride for years. If this serves any purposes, I got my estradiol levels checked and it's very high, not just a bit. (as you all know estradiol is a dominant estrogen, produced as an active metabolic product of testosterone)

    Also, my free T was below range. I don't have the numbers here right now, I'd like to post them

    but the thing is this: Estradiol is way up high, much much higher than range, although doctor said it's normal, well, i have ED. Free T is low, but not very low, just below range. Doc said it's ok too but told me to work on this, so what I'm trying now is to p[ut those numbers in the range (optimal), so what i'm doing is changing my eating habits, exercising more. Although I've always exercised, I'm a fit guy, visit gym daily, never took any drugs other than fin. My total prolactin was in range. Not sure why they didn't check free prolactin. My total testosterone was in range. (although when it comes to ED what is really important is free T)

    Chrisis, please check your estrogen and/or estradiol (E2).

    Does anyone know why this study is not available? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1281461

    When you google "estradiol in men", harshly speaking, you will see basically two things, sites that talk about men in steroids and sites that talk about aging men. High estradiol should never be a problem for someone in our age and out of steroids.

    More info about estradiol: http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2010/...ing-Men_01.htm

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