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    Quote Originally Posted by NotBelievingIt View Post
    "The pump" is actually a result of the lack of blood flow due to increased pressure from the muscles (and ligaments etc) size constricting blood flow.

    Thats why when rock climbers talk about forearm pump and how to overcome it, they talk about shaking it out by using gravity in both directions to get blood flowing - it has to happen in both directions.
    When you talk about "working out" and hair loss - the only people who are going to accelerate any hair loss are those who are lifting heavy and bulking to gain size and therefore strength. And by bulking I do not mean taking supplements that boost testosterone unnaturally.

    How much acceleration? Who knows, person dependent.

    Your testosterone production goes up and as a result so does your free testosterone. DHT isn't some magic number that says "I will take 89 Free Testosterones please" - it takes some percent that doesn't change.
    So simply lifting heavy weights and building bulk can wotsen alopecia? Wow, I did not know that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jholcollege11 View Post
    So simply lifting heavy weights and building bulk can wotsen alopecia? Wow, I did not know that.
    I think its as person dependent as any other change you put your body through.

    But I will add/modify that I think the acceleration of loss is far more likely and noticable if you are boosting testosterone beyond what your body is naturally is capable of.

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    Yea that makes since. So i guess taking testosterone compensating supplmnts would at least increase liklihood of more hairloss, depending on person. Thank u for info

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