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    Default My Experience on Propecia and Minox so far..

    Hello guys,

    This thread is about my experience so far with hair loss, it will hopefully help some people and I am also looking for some answers

    OK so I first started noticing my hair loss a the age of 19 i am now 25 i had a slight receding at one side of my temple, this never noticeable got any worse I had no idea I could go bald didn't even cross my mind!

    and then one day last year I was walking with some friends and one said "dude your going bald at the back of your head" I though nothing of it but when I got back home I checked and he was right I had a thinner area at the back of my head! Again didnt think anything of it.

    I have never met my farther but my mother tells me he was completely bald at an early age, so the hair loss i am experiencing is definitely MPB. I then had a very stressful point in my life in September and this is when my hair loss became aggressive I remember looking in the mirror one day and noticing the side of my hair (shaven head) where darker than the top. This started an obsession which I am still dealing with today it has taken over my life. I look in every car window, mirror i can see!! so I decided to do a lot of research after this to see if there where ways to stop this.

    I will now explain the type of balding I have... it difuse baling the whole of my head still has hair when i shave it (which i have always done) you can not tell i am going bald but the area of my head that is thining is huge.(not just the front or back.

    I started to use minox in Novemebr (Kirklands) I read up extensively on this product and thought that alone it would work at first I was convinced it would but this then became apprent after reading up more on hairloss I would need somthing else in conjunction to minox.

    so in January I decided to get propecia and introduce this to my daily routine with Minox, again read up on this and the results convinced me that this is most likely going to work for me. since then I have noticed slight but continued thining (I feel it is easier to notice this when you have a shaved head.I noticed in the mirror that I have the exact pattern of a diffuse thinner the back and side alot thicker!! I have now been on Propcia for 2 1/2 months, I know I am not supposed to see any results yet but have a few questioons which are listed below I would be very grateful if I could get some feedback on these question. And hopefully they will be a great help to people like me.

    1) Does Propecia work for people who have aggressive MPD by this I mean peoples whos fathers Have no hair by the time they are 28 (when my farther lost all his hair)

    2)Does Propecia work for diffuse thinners?

    3)In the case of 17% of people who didn't achieve good results from Propecia are there any know simularalites in the people for example more aggressive cases of MPD?

    4)I am shedding alot recently every time I put pressure on my balding areas of my head and move my hand down it always has 1-5 hairs on my hand. is this normal?

    5)My hairloss is continuing to get worse visibly more over the last two weeks when I started to shed more lighter patches are appreaing on my head. does this mean I am destined to go bald or very unlikely to keep my hair? this whole thing is killing me and I am feeling very depressed by the whole situation.

    any feed back would be great thank you!!

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