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    I've been researching the hell out of stem cells, mainly because they have great potential to cure hair loss and may not require the lengthy clinical trials of Aderans or Replicel if these stem cells are autologous. I came across a very interesting website: I don't know how much of this website is bullshit and how much is legit but I will point out what I think are the legit parts. First, scroll down to the video under the caption: "Blindness - See Again With Adult Stem Cell". This describes where a girl was blind since birth but after an infusion of stem cells, she now has nearly 20/20 vision and is driving again. It really seems to me that if stem cells can cure blindness, then they sure as hell can cure something like hair loss. Also, this story comes from a CBS affiliate here in the U.S. so it strikes me as being legitimate.
    Next, scroll down 2 videos from there to the video under the heading "The Science of the Future". Go to the 1:58 point of the video. It states that bone marrow stem cells can become any cell in the body once they are placed in that specific area of the body. For example, if a bone marrow stem cell is injected into the pancreas, it becomes a pancreatic stem cell. So according to this reasoning, if a bone marrow stem cell was injected into the scalp, it would become a hair stem cell. If this is true, then it is really about f****in time that doctors started using bone marrow stem cells for hair growth. This has actually been suggested on here several times except no doctors seem to be willing to do it. Doctors really need to start looking into performing such a procedure.
    *****Note - as I read more of this website, I'm beginning to think that the website itself may either be not legitimate or at least very poor put together. However, the youtube videos on the website that I alerted everyone to contain some modicum of legitimacy, especially the first one.

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