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    Default Hairloss sucks but theres always worse...

    Joe from staten island always says hairloss is the worst... this has to be worse than hairloss.

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    I agree. Hair loss is an awful affliction and has more debilitating effects than many people know of but we who are healthy should be thankful because there are many things worse than hair loss.

    My father was diagnosed with fairly severe cancer a little over a year ago. Although he has been doing very well when compared to his prognosis, he still only has so much time left on this earth and although I hate to admit it, will probably die at too early of an age. I sometimes see him sitting quietly and thinking, and I can only imagine that he is at least a little depressed at his situation. He has on occasion mentioned things he would like to do if he were to live long enough and it seems that he wants to live his life more now that he knows he has little time. What is ironic is that even after chemotherapy he still has and has always had a full head of hair and perfect hairline (too bad I didn't receive those genes). Looking at his head of hair you would think he was in great health but i'm sure he would trade his hair for good health any day.

    I am not trying to make anyone sad or depressed but I'm just trying to find an example of conditions worse than hair loss. Luckily I am still young and have a large chunk of life ahead of me. I can ponder about my future and all the upcoming and very possible cures of hair loss and stay somewhat optimistic. Even if a cure never comes (however i doubt that will be the case), I still have a healthy body with the means to live life however I choose. Unfortunately for people like the kid mentioned in the link above and like my father, some people have more limitations than simply having less hair.

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    I would take this dude's disease over hair loss/my problems anyday.

    It depends on point of view imo and how it affects you.

    I have another conditions besides hair loss that are worse than hair loss indeed but certainly will not kill me.

    Most of the "real" hair loss sufferers I met did not only have baldness...but other conditions as well. Maybe the ones who suffer with hair loss the most are the ones who have to deal with other issues as well.

    One of my best friends walks around with a norwood 7 and yes he grows it long but that's the only thing he has to deal with.

    If baldness was the only problem I had, then I probably wouldn't give a rat ass...I dont know.

    But my beautiful hair was the last thing I had left...of my former self.

    I guess the same thing would apply to Joe....although he has called me a detractor...I understand where he is coming from.

    All I can say is that if hairloss was the worst problem that will affect you, then you should consider yourself extremely lucky, especially with all these treatments coming down the pipe.

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    I disagree.

    First of all, that kid doesn't feel the pain bald men do, because he hasn't gone through puberty yet. He isn't attracted to women, he does not care about his looks. So he can't eat properly, big deal, at least he won't be fat like the rest of America.

    What are the best memories from your life? It must be the childhood days, when you were young and innocent, baldness was not a problem, not even a concern. You didn't care about your looks, money or status. You could just play around and be happy while parents take care of you.

    That is always preferable to living an ugly and/or bald man's life.

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