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    Default 21 year old w/ damaged hairline

    I'm 21 year old with olive skin tone and dark curlyish-wavy hair. About 3 or 4 years ago, I used to pluck the hairs around my hair line. They weren't those baby hairs that people often get rid of, though. It was my actual hair that I used to twist and pull off. I kept doing this until I permanently destroyed my hairline and temple area after about a year and was so shocked by what I did that I never touched my hair again and played piano or painted when I felt stressed out. So I don't have a problem of pulling my hair anymore, but I am left with a damaged/high hairline and can only wear bangs to hide it. I fear for going swimming, windy days, and when a friend or family member combs my hair with their fingers.

    Out of embarrassment and lack of knowledge of trichotillomania, I never when to see a doctor. I also never can discuss this with any family member or friend because of my embarrassment. I never knew out state of the art hair transplant surgeries were and only dreamt of having my hair restored to its natural self. My hair has not grown back in the places it is damaged, does this mean it is permanent? Also, what kind of doctor should I see and what are the things I should do before I consider a hair transplant? I read online that hairline damage is permanent so I don't know if any topical/oral medications will help.

    Please help me figure out the steps to bring my hair back to it's natural self

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinybootsofleather View Post
    Please help me figure out the steps to bring my hair back to it's natural self

    You need to talk to a doctor who specializes in treating hair loss. What you are describing is traction alopecia. Those hair follicles were damaged by localized trauma. As such the area will not likely respond to topical treatment or oral medications. Transplant surgery is probably the only way you are going to be able to fix it - but you need to talk to a doctor about it - and be completely honest with the doctor.

    All my best to you,


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