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    Good evening.

    My non progress is starting to concern me. I have been using minoxidil and saw palmetto for 10 weeks and Revivogem for 6 weeks. A lot of users see progress on minixodil after 8 weeks however I have seen nothing. I know the product says it may take up to 16 weeks, but the worst thing is that in the meantime I keep losing more hair. I am convinced when it comes to my head there is no such thing as phases of shedding, just one long continuous never ending shed that is just going to keep on going until its all gone. I have not noticed any decrease in shedding over this period. Is this normal? 10 weeks....

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    I'd say give it some more time before judging it unsuccessful, but you might want to consider adding Propecia to The Battle. It's by far the best treatment for stopping male pattern hairloss.
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