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    Hi. I've been on Propecia for about 12 years. Doing well. It's getting expensive though. Now, Propecia comes in 1mg dosages and Finasteride, much cheaper, comes in 5 mg dosages. Is it as good to buy finasteride and cut it into 4 pieces and take over 5 days? Anyone doing this??


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    Of course. It is the same thing. Thing is finasteride (as brand name proscar) went through trials for the prostate and it was decided 5mg was a good effective dose. They realised it seemed to have a good effect on hair. In the 90s finasteride (as propecia) went through trials for MPB. They decided on 1mg as an effective dose. It's the same thing so you might as well take the less expensive option and save a little.

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    I made a Youtube video a while back 25, 000 views. Seems many guys cut Proscar

    Excatly same drug - Finasteride

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