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    The symptoms were: erectile dysfunction, impotence, greatly reduced libido, testicular pain, problems with orgasms and gynecomastia – an over-development of the male breast.

    Of these 'problems with orgasms' and 'testicular pain' could be relatively minor side effects and potentially a lot of people taking the product may experience an achy testicle.

    I mean how many people on here have had at least an achy testicle or slight changes in their spunk?

    I don't know the answers to this question.

    I just would not be surprised if most people at least had an achy sack. Therefore most people will experience some sort of side effect????

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    Spencer talked about this study in this link with dr. Wasserbauer: http://www.baldtruthtalk.com/showthread.php?t=4855

    I dont think this study really proved much except that 90 something guys think propecia caused all these permanent side effects.

    BTW read the whole thread, its hilarious, especially when Crisler shows up.. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisis View Post
    If they had already had side effects then it's not a very plausible study and I don't know what they were trying to achieve.

    Could someone point out where that info was? Doesn't seem to appear on the link.

    Maybe they were trying to establish the persistence of side effects after men stop taking finasteride? Either way, it's unclear both what the intention of the study was and who the participants were.

    Pretty bad study and bad write-up. No wonder we're all so damn confused.
    The study was not a clinical trial. It investigated the medical history of men who developed erectile dysfunction while taking propecia and had no previous history of sexual problems or other possible confounding causes. The purpose of the study was not to test the likelihood of developing such said effects, but was to investigate 70 or so data points of men who reporting having such problems and narrow them down by removing any men who had certain predisposing factors. The doctor was very conservative in removing any patient with a history of anxiety or depression prior to taking Propecia and what remained was a large number of patients that seemed to have been negatively affected by propecia since there were no other possible factors.

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