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    Default Alcohol, Rogaine and redness

    Hey Everyone,

    I have a question regarding the use of rogaine after HT, How long do you need to wait till you start using rogaine again after HT if you're experiencing the post op redness? Would the use of rogaine (containing alcohol) exacerbate the redness if it exists?

    How about alcohol as in drinks? Does the same rule apply or would it be safe to drink say one month post op even though the redness still exists?


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    I don't remember how long you are supposed to wait but I do remember that it is better to use Rogaine foam until your scalp has completely healed.

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    Thanks Tracy C, Yeah he (My Doctor) told me to use Rogaine foam like 3 weeks post op but he also said the redness should stay round 2 weeks so, I'm just worried if they are connected or they shouldn't be used until the redness had subsided or a word like that.

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    All topical minoxidil products are absolutely loeaded with multiple various alchohol/glycene based inactive ingredients. These can potentially inflame the scalp while promoting blood flow and more redness to the area.

    And most docs will want their patients to completely heal the epidermis outside layer of scalp tissue before applying these products.
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