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    See this is the problem, I really want to buy into all this, I try really hard to, but it's hard.

    I sound totally narcissistic saying this, but since my late teens/early twenties, I've always been considered pretty attractive by people. I've modelled, I've been a topless butler, basically, I've done a few professions and earned good money off the back of a good physique, a strong jaw, and a full head of hair.

    In theory I might not even be an ugly bald guy, not that I know as I've never shaved my head, but even if I won't look half as bad as I think I might, I still wouldn't be me, not the version I've been all of my adult life (now 26.)

    It comes down to so many things, lack of control, my own ideas of what's attractive, fears of losing my youth.

    Ultimately, one day I, like nearly all of us, will lose this battle. I'll be forced to shave, and then eventually, as the hairline totally disappears, and the crown goes from bald spot to bald, I'll have nothing but scalp to style. And I know, deep down, I'll move on to an extent, I'll get over it to an extent, I'll live a happy life, to an extent.
    But There will always be a voice in my head, from a glance in the mirror to touching my head and feeling nothing, that will wish I still had my hair.

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