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    Default 4400 Grafts Rahal: Before & After

    I had 4400 Grafts at Rahal in mid October 2011 and you may have followed my previous threads....but here's the latest update 4 1/2 months...and i've just had a haircut!

    Apologies for the quality but i just did them myself on my iphone.

    I'm delighted and I can't believe how quick the whole regrowth process has been. To be honest, i'm not actually sure it can get any better than this, many people say it takes around 6 - 18 months to get the full benefit but its hard to see how this can get any thicker!

    Here's my progress to date:





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    Congratulations. At only 4.5 months I can already say this is case is a resounding success. Yield looks exceptional. Many people are only beginning to sprout at 4.5 months but it looks like you've had a great headstart with this rapid growth. At 1 year this will look like amazing.

    You must be delighted. Also great to know you have plenty of donor in the bank should you decide to hit the crown. How could you not? You chose wisely in Dr. Rahal. He seems to churn out amazing results with dark hair. When I heard he got into hair restoration around the time his brother had a less than stellar HT I knew he was one of the good guys. He patched up his brother too.

    Thanks for sharing. It's comforting for us young guys knowing that if nothing comes of the likes of Replicel and Aderans we can still go down the HT route with the top docs and get fantastic results.

    All the best.

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    Clearly growing well. And yes, it will get better!
    I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal

    My FUE With Dr Rahal - Awesome Hairline Result

    I can be contacted for advice: matt@rahalhairline.com

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    Default More photos

    Thanks FDR - its so good already i can't imagine how much better it could get!!

    Anyway - i took some much better photos today with a better camera.

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