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    Default hair loss in older women

    I am 62 years old and for the last 4 months have experienced quite a bit of hair loss. I went to my dermatologist and he determined I had Loose Anagen Syndrome. Apparently there is no cure or help. I have been ready lately that some hair shampoo products for cancer patients have helped keep the hair in the hair root. I am wondering if; 1. will taking Silica help strengthen or tighten the root to hold the hair, or 2. will using progesterone in some for help. I am very careful with handling my hair, however, it is now breaking off more often. I keep waiting for the anagen phase of hair growth to start again. HELP.

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    Sounds like you can only try to prevent it but it is a very difficult thing to treat especially at your age because it is unexpected. A person usually grows out of LAS.

    Some suggestions:
    - Biotin is also good for strong hair growth.
    - Laser treatment might help you for stimulating and strengthening the follicles.
    - Don't go to the hairdresser unless you absolutely have to and then just ask them to trim it a little and gently.
    - Use a silk pillow slip when you sleep.
    - Don't brush or comb your hair. Just use gentle finger styling.
    - Rather use gentle shampoos for children's hair than shampoos for hairloss. Shampoos for hairloss might be too stimulating for your delicate condition.

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