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    Default First Time Poster // Transplant questions

    I am 28 yr old, been on propecia and monoxodil for about 6 years.

    I would estimate that I am a norwood 3.

    My hairline has continued to receed, here is my question. From my understanding the medication is not too successful in stopping the hairloss in the temples its more effective on the top and the crown of the head.

    I was contemplating having a transplant to fill in the receding hairline, but the obvious question now is what is the probability of further recession, is there a point where the hairline should stop receding and you can try and maintain the current state of hair with the medication and fill in the temples with a transplant?

    Whats the common view point on this.


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    Yep you get it.

    Preventing further loss is key as hair loss is progressive and you only have X amount of donor hair so it needs to be used wisely.

    The more native hair you can keep on top then the fewer hT's you will require and not be chasing your tail so to speak.

    Meds do help the mid/crown generally and some for some it helps the front.

    For me meds prevented further loss of the mid /crown ( and thickened them up) and due to building this strong platform i build the front up via HT's

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    I think Spex nailed it. The more hair you can save via meds the less Ht's you will need. Also, like you said, with any HT focus on the Hairline and temples as these are the areas where meds are the least effective. Finally, the hairline is what people notice the most. If you have a solid hairline and a little thinning on top nobody is going to notice unless they are a foot taller than you or you bend over.

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    I think you should wait to at least the end of this year because by then we should know if Replicel and Histogen are successful with their trials....

    No need to get a transplant now especially when much more promising treatments are right around the corner.

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    In addition to the great advice already given, I would say that you should keep a close eye on the crown and midscalp and see if those areas are thinning at all. Even if in your case the medications are not being effective at the hairline, they might be holding on to hair in other areas. The meds may even have slowed your hairline recession a little.
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    With little doubt, at just 28 years old - even 38 years old - you are
    at risk for more hair loss. I strongly suggest a reasonably
    conservative and thoughtful approach to your hair loss. Propecia
    sometimes does seem to have positive effects on the temporal regions.
    Jeffrey S. Epstein, MD
    Foundation For Hair Restoration

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