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    Sorry to hear this clandestine. I went out but was ever paranoid about my hair.

    Wish you the best!

    Please try not to let it beat you.

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    Thanks for the well wishes, chrisis, much appreciated. Glad you're getting out man, even if you were a little paranoid. All the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clandestine View Post
    I feel so sorry for my self; I know this is wrong, only further perpetuates my depressive state. Not coping well as of late.
    I haveb't been coping well for years and Im much older than youtrself
    THis hairloss has consumed friggen my life
    I don'ty let people get close to me because of it
    I avoid situations at all costs
    Ruined my life and I admit it's all my fault for lettting it get the better of me
    I had 1 HT 12 yrs ago an aas expected further hairloss has occurred so much so that I have now the dreaded " bald crwon"
    The Ht last OK for about 8 yrs
    I have no desire to go back for further surgeries
    I 've reviewed everything and I dont want to take the chance that the next surgery will result ina huge scar , shock loss, plus I know the results will still give a thin look
    Right now Im down to a 2 guard and no visible signs of the scar ...a small indentation on the right side but you have to know what u are looking for to nocice it
    Every day is a chore for me
    Wake up, shower and try to style the mess on my head so it looks presentable
    Sometimes I think getting the HT was the stupidest thing I ever did but I have to admit going completly bald just scared the shit out of me

    Now I m goign through thoughts of buzzing it to a 1 guard but I am equally terrired the scar will scream " HA I R T R A N S P L A N T " !!!

    I had some other fellows e-mail me pics of their head after they shave after a HT

    They are happier than ever now but Im not sure I could deal with a giant friggen scar on my head for everyone to see

    Look at Joe roggan ( comedian and UFA announcer ) he got fed up and shaved it

    I tried a shrink , depressions pills , a psycotherapist to talk to , long hair , short hair.
    I just get get over it how uncomfortable I feel

    Yea Im f*cked up and I know it

    At least I got good job , Im healthy and I have a roof over my head

    Thanks for letting me vent for today

    For the rest of you try to deal with it head on ( no pun intended ) - just buzz it off .

    Don't try to fight something that you have little chance of winning

    Youy will need 3 4, 5 HT's to get good coverage ( see Joetronic , Spex ) or else you'll have a HT that is basically a glorifed comb over with a bald crown

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    I'm NOT coping with no ****ing hair loss!

    **** THE SYSTEM!

    As soon as my hair decides it's time to go, my body will go with it...LITERALLY.

    I shall thrust a knife in my jugular vein and fall from the skyscraper.

    If my genes can't at least save my hair, then **** THEM.

    **** this shit body. I hate myself and I hate my parents for creating such an inferior being!

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    This is not a good attitude or approach.

    The way I see it at my age, 28, having a transplant now buys me time - time to continue enjoying my image and whatever youth I have left. Time to socialise, excel in life and meet new people and a partner.

    If I bald any further, then I guess I'll have to finance more treatments, but it's worth bearing in mind that within 5-10 years time we may have some new treatments, and maybe a cure. Until then I'd be using minoxidil and whatever else to give me as good a chance of "hanging on" for as long as possible. Worst case scenerio: I have a FUT at age 28 and by the time I'm finished paying for it, I need further work. So what? I'll just get more FUE and buy even more time!

    Obviously it's a personal decision and circumstances different from person to person. I realise I'm lucky that I'm still relatively young and my hair loss is slow. I have also made maintaining my hair (and appearance overall) a priority. I don't have a car or mortgage and don't plan on getting married and having kids. I can therefore probably afford to spend some money now and then on this problem, and I believe it's worth it in my case. I acknowledge if you're older and/or your hair loss is more advanced, then it might not be worth it.

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    I don't have a car or mortgage
    very OT, but wow not having a car makes things very hard don´t u think? I mean, in the relationships department. Much harder than hair loss I guess.

    Take me for example: also on foot (no car), managed to get just one girl in 2 years. Of course this is coupled with my hair loss to reach such pitiful celibacy situation. But I know that I´ve lost at least 3 opportunities due to the lack of car.

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    Depends. Having a car in the UK is not as important as it is in America. Smaller country with better public transport. I can potentially travel the length of the country within a few hours on train or by plane. You'd be lucky to get out of state in America.

    Also, in my situation I have a central city flat and the city itself has a good light rail system. There are few situations I'd need a car for and my apartment doesn't offer anywhere to park anyway.

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