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    Default 1 month in to hair transplant....

    Hi there.

    I had about 2400-2600 grafts put in toward the front and some in the crown. I was basically balding from the crown and going forward. So far I haven't seen any "shedding". Is there a time-frame where that possibility is no longer an issue?

    I'm basically a walking recessive gene, very white and thin hair. I don't tan, I ignite.

    Also, I got a one month update from Bosley in a form letter but in it it says that hair will begin to grow in 3-4 months. But my grafs started growing almost immediately and they are about 1/8th inch long now. Does this aggressive growth mean its here to stay or could it fall out in a few months and I have to wait until it grows back?

    I'm 35 if the age matters and I'm using Rogaine but not Propecia

    Appreciate any feedback.

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