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    Default balding at early 20's, gonna get skull surgery then buzz cut

    I am what you would call with a vulgar expression "cluster ****ed"

    I am balding at a young age, AND I have a large indentation in my skull. People think I'm exagerating untill I let them feel my skull then they're freaked out.

    I found an article online about a dude in my exact situation he had hairloss at early age and also skull grooves/dents.

    Apparently they were able to fix it in one hour by making a small incision, injecting bone cement somehow and shaping it in the dent.

    So I made an appointment with a neuro surgeon and will try to explain him this idea in hopes that he will not laugh and send me away.

    If I can repair this skull dent I will probably buzz cut my hair, it will still look bad but probably a lot better than my current shit hair cut.

    That is all, wish me luck

    By the way I'm using minoxidil and will probably continue using it in hopes of slowing down the process to horse shoe. I don't consider finasteride because it can raise estrogen dramatically, cause impotence and prostate cancer, depression and whatnot.

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    I didn't know what to expect when I read "skull surgery". I haven't heard of anyone having this done, but it does seem like something that would be possible. Just make sure you find someone who knows what they're doing. Better that a surgeon laughs and sends you away than accepts you as a patient without having the skill or experience to give you a good result.
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    when i found this i was absolutely excited, there are actually people out there with the same problem i have

    and there is actually a solution

    just hope the surgeon i am meeting is aware of this and doesnt think i'm crazy

    (i think my dent is more significan than the one in the picture but i'm not sure i can only feel it not see it because i still have shitty hair covering it)

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    I'm actually experiencing the same problem. I'm (unfortunately) only 18 and have had thinning hair since I was around 16. At this point I have just enough hair to hide most of the thinning but at this rate, probably in a good year or so, I will be very noticeably thinning. I've been using Rogaine rather unsuccessfully for the past year and a half as well.

    I too have an indent in my skull, on the upper left portion, which would be very noticeable with a buzz cut and definitely noticeable if I ever decide to shave it off completely. I'm definitely interested in what the neurosurgeon has to say because unless my hair miraculously stops thinning, I'm going to have to get a new haircut and thus surgery as well. That being said, I feel like he would probably refer you to a plastic surgeon.

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    Think I saw your reddit post mate.

    Are you terribly against posting any pictures?

    Good luck, regardless.

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