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    Default What do you consider is a fast rate of balding?

    After 10 years of balding I am now a Norwood 3. (Receeded a lot at the temples and thinned out in the frontal bit, no 'bald patch' on the crown).

    Would you consider this slow, average, or fast balding?

    I assume it is slow-average because when I compare to 4 or 5 other people I know who have started balding young they all have less hair than me and they may also have started balding later....a few examples...

    A guy at Uni seemed to have a full head of hair at the start of uni but it had vastly disappeared after 3 years, his hairline had receeded halfway up his head. Thats pretty fast loss.

    A guy a few years below me at school had completely gone bald by age of 19/20 and I think the latest he started balding was 15, that is rapid loss.

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    Pretty slow, I would think. I don't think your hair loss is that aggressive.

    Look at Jack Nicholson, he's been a Norwood 3 forever.

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    Mhhh. I've been lossing hair just for 15 months,I consider my loss fast, I can't believe only yesterday I had a head full of hair and very thick and now all of my top is thinner. =(

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    Any loss that takes more than 5 years is slow in my opinion. It's possible you were destined to become an NW3 though. I'm not sure exactly but isn't it possible people just stop at NW3, NW4, maybe NW3v and so on. Not everyone has to go fully bald just because they lost some hair.

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