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    I havenít seen any photographic evidence of substantial growth from the use of them. Nor have i seen it in person in few folks that tried them. Some folks claim lasercaps (not combs) grew some hairs but even when I analyzed photos it was very hard to see a distinct difference in before and after photos.

    Then there were other outliers to those photos as some folks had prp treatment as well and that could have made some hairs look thicker. Not sure which treatment was the actual cause of thickening.

    For now it seems it may be suttle to none change in men. I agree, women may have a different result. Very hard to guage though.

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    Yes, lasers promote hair growth and they really work. It's actually the fastest therapy for hair loss designed for home use. Compared with other treatments, like the ones based on drugs, low-level laser therapy is 4x times faster and more effective. The whole process is totally safe, the FDA approves it too. It's designed for both women and men, the hair type doesn't play an important role so it should be a perfect treatment for everyone. Check any of these best hair growth devices and see if they work or not. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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    In 1970 a Hungarian doctor were trying to see if these red lasers would help reduce skin cancer but instead he found that it actually promoted hair growth.
    This type of Laser hair growth device will work for certain types of hair loss (not all). Other than this these devices are FDA cleared and we all know FDA don't give clearance before testing a medical device.

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    Hi guys,

    Has anyone had experience with the hairmax laser cap? Did it work for anyone?


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    From personal experience, I can tell you that they do work. I'm sure not every brand is the same etc, and I don't wanna tell mine's as this is not the question, but yes, they do work. But don't expect miracles, you need to be patient. I started to see some sort of difference after several months of religious using.

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    Thanks a lot Oyster!

    Can I ask you if you use any other treatment? Finasteride? Minoxidil? Topical finasteride? PRP?

    Thanks a lot!


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