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    Quote Originally Posted by pick View Post
    Thanks for that Tracy ,but I just don't seem to be able to be okay with my height.
    and then what,you got a transplant?

    Do anti-estrogen substances increase testosterone in the body?
    And why is it that people who have the baldness gene inherited go bald only after some age?
    Is it that DHT levels start raising soon after that?
    All these questions, it's best if you just talk with a doctor

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    I believe ppl go bald due to the genes they have received, for some people recession is a gradual process but then there are men like me 22 that will be bald by 23 FML ha. some people inherit the gene for hypersensitivity to dht or somehow there body produces more of the hormone than normal either way its inherited. as far as the anti estrogen supplements there is no need to take them unless your taking anabolic steroids, have gynocomastia or just know your a little bitch lol. and yes messing with your hormones at a young age is rumored to make growth plates fuse prematurely. good luck

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