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    Default My FOXBAR write up/pics- Dr. Rahal- 4,616 FUT

    Here is my FOXBAR write up:
    For those of you that don't know..."Foxbar" is a house that a lot of Dr. Rahal patients stay at instead of staying at a hotel. The house is literally 3 blocks from his clinic and a quick 2 minute walk. I finally realized it is called "Foxbar" because that is the name of the street it is located on!
    The front of the house looks like it would be small inside but that is deceiving. I got there at around 3 pm and met with the house manager Manish. He gave me the keys and showed me around the house and to my room.
    ****Please note that you can ONLY pay in CASH (US or Canadian)!!! I thought I could pay in credit card but you can't. So I had to go to the ATM and take out Canadian don't let this happen to you...either bring US cash or get Canadian money prior *****
    When you first walk in you enter the living the left there is a nice round table that seats 4 and to the right there is the living room. The living room consists of a nice 3 person couch, fireplace, about a 36 inch LCD TV, Cable, WiFi and 2 very comfortable leather recliners. You then go into the kitchen area which is like a normal house has pretty much everything that a kitchen would have including pots, pans, dishes, utensils and kitchen table, microwave, stove, etc. The refrigerator is filled with breakfast foods (juices, eggs, bacon, milk, cereal, oatmeal) that are free for everyone. Lunch and Dinner you are on your own for.
    There are a total of 3 bedrooms and another make shift room upstairs. There are 2 rooms on the main floor equipped with 1 bathroom. There is a suite upstairs with your own personal recliner and bathroom. The make shift room is upstairs too (couch with own tv and blinds to cover your area for privacy). Only one of the rooms downstairs has a recliner but it is not as comfortable as the ones in the living room. I didn't have a recliner so I have been sleeping on the recliner in the living room.
    The bedrooms down stairs are equipped with a bed, closet, TV and a small night table. Please note that there are no dressers for your I have been living out of my suitcase basically and putting stuff on my bed bc i can't sleep on it anyway. However the suite upstairs is a lot nicer but like $15 more a day and it is more private if that is what u r looking for.
    FOOD?!- I brought some bagels with tuna cans, granola bars, soup and cereal. Knowing what I know now, I would buy/bring frozen food that you can easily heat up because when u come home u r not going to be in the mood to fully cook something so I had to go to the store and buy like frozen pizzas. Granted I am normally a healthy eater but given the circumstances I had to sacrifice a little to just make my life a little easier! They also have fruit too like bananas and all kinds of cereals too. I would bring food that you can munch on and not so much cook as I haven't had the energy to I have been eating fruit and granola bars pretty much and heating up a pizza at night. The house also has coffee and tea for everyone.
    Bathroom- The bathroom is fully equipped...nice bathtub with shower. I brought my own towels but shouldn't have because they provide towels for your body and face so don't bring any!
    Also...the house is a little chilly all the time so I would dress warmly and bring warm clothes esp sleeping in the recliners they get cold at night so bundle up...I brought a blanket I recommend bringing one to cover you at night because it is close to the front door and it is a little chilly. Bring a lot of button down shirts because you don't want to be pulling shirts over your head.
    Foxbar is a great social place...when i first got here there were 2 people both of which had multiple procedures with Dr. Rahal so they were well versed and put me at ease the night before answering any questions I had. One was from London and the other Australia. Now there are 2 others from Toronto and Greece. Having people around helps so much in this experience as you all can talk openly about the HT is a nice forum to do so plus you don't feel like u r in a cold hotel it is basically a really nice bed and breakfast. I absolutely recommend it!
    The other benefit is staying there u can go to the clinic and have then clean your head everyday which is huge to me in that I am nervous to clean it myself at least for the first few days! Makes life easier...all you have to do is spray saline solution on every few hours which is easy to do.
    Here are some pics of the house. Any questions or concerns in regards to the house or what you should bring def PM me or post on this thread and I'll give u my take on it. Thanks everyone!!!
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    I stayed here too and would highly recommend also.

    Didn't you put the heating on capelli?

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    Place was great...the house manager wanted it to stay at a certain wasn't freezing but I usually like it warmer than I just wore a sweatshirt in the house and a blanket at night on the recliner. The reason they kept it lower is that if it got any hotter the upstairs would bake so they kept it cooler.

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