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    Quote Originally Posted by capelli View Post
    Hey Everyone!

    Status Update: Got my sutures removed on Day 13 yesterday. I went back to see Dr. Rahal as opposed to having my local GP take them out. My rational was that I wanted Dr. Rahal to see how I was progressing as this is a crucial time to make sure everything is going according to plan. Plus I just figured I came this far why risk going to a GP to have my sutures removed regardless of how easy it may be. He said everything was going great and my scar looked really good and was going to be a good one! I now am able to shower and have to massage my scabs off at this point. Felt sooo good to finally shower my head...felt human again! I now have to put Polysporin still on the scar for the rest of this week and see how it looks from there. My scabs should be gone by this week. I love feeling my hair as it feels like nice stubble...a feeling I haven't felt in years!!!! Now I am going to unfortunately lose my hairs...getting upset about it bc I love my hairline design! Mike shaved me down again to a # 2 to even it now it seems to be better and as even as I am going to get for now...starting to really dislike looking like this but I understand it is a journey so Ugly duckling stage here I come!

    In regards to Rogaine post HT...I tried getting out of not using it but the Dr. heavily recommended using it as it stimulates the follicles to grow is recommended to use it for at least 12 months. I really didn't want to use Rogaine as I don't want to marry it forever but I have come so far so I figured I didn't want to stray from Dr. Rahal's recommended plan post op. So starting this Monday after my scabs are gone, I will start and see how it goes.

    Pic 1 is Day 8 and Day 9 (Top Row) and Day 10 -11 (Bottom Row)
    Pic 2 is Day 12 and Day 13 (Top Row) and Day 14 top view and Day 14 pic of my scar (Post suture removal)

    damn looks pretty rough for day 12... especially compared with Gho's day 12 (or even day 2)

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