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    Default Heart Broken...

    I've had 2500 FUE surgery this past weekend.

    Unfortunately, my girlfriend, whom I was going to propose to, decided to end it the day after.

    I have been depressed and have not been eating too well; a poor diet to say the least.

    Will this emotional trauma cause any damage to the grafts?

    Many thanks.
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    Screw the gf. Hopefully soon you'll have a new hair and trust me it WILL make you feel one million times better about yourself. With hair USUALLY comes confidence, which is really important if finding another woman is in your priorities. Gfs come and go and sooner or later they usually GO.

    But did she leave bcz of the HT or is it unrelated?

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    It was unrelated... and I'm through with her (kinda).

    However I'm more concerned about my grafts.

    My heart rate was high, poor diet, and sweating.... will these actions mitigate the results?

    I want the best potential from this surgery

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    I dont think any of these concern will affect your grafts. I had my HTs under the worst possible circumstances, stress, depression, anger, anxiety, and extremely poor diet. My grafts were fine and everything was nice HOWEVER I'm one of the most unfortunate people out there. I have a condition that causes my transplanted hair to keep falling out after a random number of years. Just pray you don't have it and all should be fine.

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    Thank you so much! You really made me feel so much better...

    Love sucks. It's going to take year until I'll be able to date again

    If it's not personal, what condition do you have that causes the grafts to fall out?

    Many thanks!

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    Well, she really picked a lousy time to do it. Sorry to hear that.

    New hair, new girl, new start.
    I am a patient and representative of Dr Rahal

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    Don't worry. You'll be fine. Stay positive and look forward to getting the hair back. I wish you all the very best.

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    Don't sweat it...really poor timing but you have to look at it as a new fresh start. You will soon have your hair back and with that comes a TON of confidence you never had...which is perfect to begin dating again. Make sure you run into her once you get your hair back to show what she missed out on!!! Hang in there buddy and don't worry abut messing up the grafts...they like u will be just fine! Keep us posted on your progress!

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