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    This is a long thread but I want to be thourough. I was apprehensive about getting something so permanent. I am 48 going on 49 and have been doing substantial hair loss since my early 40's. Some guys look fine, even attractive with hair loss. I don't feel I am one of them. I had just enough hair on top to be a bother and look unempt, but nothing good, not even enough for a decent comb over. I tried the "Mr. Clean" look and that isn't for me either.
    Like many on this site, I did a lot of research and found some clinics that seemed really good but really expensive, some I just could not bring myself to trust with my scalp and a few involved horror stories and lawsuits. Please: DO YOUR RESEARCH!
    I eventually found Affordable Hair Transplants: (
    Overall experience: Very good. The impression I have is Dr. Charles just wants to do a really good job on one thing he does well with his patients and let the results speak for themselves - let word of mouth do most of his advertising. I have about a year before I will see the final results, but I like what I have experienced so far.
    I was very pleased to never have dealt with a pushy salesperson. I sent pictures and they gave me a general idea of how may grafts I was looking at. I needed about 2300 grafts at $3\graft. And I got a $600 dollar travel voucher, and corporate rate at a nearby hotel. Very reasonable and I was unable to find anything but good words on the internet about this practice. He has a clinic in Tulsa and Boca Raton. I chose Florida so I could do a well deserved mini vacation while I got this done.
    Dr. Charles explained what could be done for me. Realistic goals clearly seemed more important to him than profits. Did I mention there wasn't a pushy salesman at his office?
    I got the procedure done on December 1, 2011. As is typical for Dr. Charles, I was the only patient he worked with that day. His staff was very friendly, helpful and seemed like they have been doing this for years. They were very concerned about success of the HT and my comfort during the procedure. Before the surgery, Jennifer took before pics and talked a bit more about what was going to happen and what I could expect.
    I sat in a chair that probably maybe could have been a little bigger for a tall guy like me. This is my fault - I didn't think to ask, but they probably would have gotten me a pillow for back support. But overall, I was comfortable for the whole procedure.
    I took a very mild sedative to relax. I took off my shirt and put on a medical robe and sat in the chair. He explained what he was going to do again. I got local anesthetic injected around my head - a half-circle from above one ear to the other around the back. This was by far the most painful part of the whole procedure. It wasn't all painful, but I did do some wincing in some places. Truth is this was my first surgical procedure ever and I have been in more pain during a few dental procedures. By the way, he doesn't use any anestesia more powerful than you would find in a dentist's office.
    And we took a couple of short breathers when needed. After that, I just sat back and let Dr. Charles and his staff do their work. I was very conscious during the procedure. I knew what they were doing, but physically, I felt very little of it. Just pressure here and there, but no pain.
    I watched TV, closed my eyes for a while and meditated (I know, weird, but it helped me relax) and I watched a movie. They ordered Gyros and salads that were really good about half way through the surgery. The whole procedure took around 5 hours.
    Afterwards, I put my button down shirt back on, went into an office and Pamela took after op pics. Then Dr. Charles accessed the post op results and carefully explained all the aftercare dos\don't's and I got some antibiotics and mild pain meds to use if needed.
    He called like he said he would after I got back to the hotel. I was asleep, but he called again to see how I was doing. He also made it clear to not hesitate to call him if I have any questions or have any issues. The first few nights, I slept in a way to so the affected areas would have minimal contact with the pillow. I did minimal bleeding - but nothing to worry about.
    A little pain lying down\sleeping the first night or so but with the Tylenol or a pain med, I slept very comfortably overall. I am wearing a baseball cap most of the time and as directed, spraying a mist on the affected area to assist with healing.
    I did not choose baldness, but I am glad I chose Dr. Charles and his staff to help me do something about it. Overall great experience. Thank you for reading this far.

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