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    Fun = more women(I'd put this as more flattery), at a young age!


    fun = more women, at ages 40 and above , then that person should be called a pervert (assuming he's already married!)

    The definition of what "fun" is constantly changing and so is life's priorities!

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    I have to agree with VictimofDHT. I had been hairloss free for 26 years, then out of nowhere god knows what..I lost my hair overnight. Yes, literally thousands of hairs a day. Since I last logged on which was a couple months ago, i was a NW1 with a straight hairline..but now Im an approaching NW2 to god knows maybe a NW3 soon. Its a ****ing curse..Im destined to go bald fast. I used to have a thick full head of hair just weeks ago..but now thats changed. I dont care if I had my hair for 26 years while others who are younger went bald..I only care about the present. And the present is the sad truth..that my life is over indeed. **** have ruined my life. Signing off

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    scar85, are you using minoxidil? If not, try it. Or if you were using it and stopped, get back on it. I was losing a lot of hair (150 or more) every day for a few months until like a month ago when I got back on Minoxidil (Kirkland and Rogaine). I've been using minoxidil for a very long time and there isn't the slightest doubt in my mind that it works to halt shedding in a lot of people. My mistake was that I wanted to try some garbage (Dualgen15%) sold on ebay that claimed it didn't cause irritation and claimed it contained 15% minoxidil. Big mistake. Now I'm barely losing 20-30 hairs a day. I have less hair now but I'd be happy if I could keep it. Give minox a try.

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