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    It's 2020 now. Spectral F7 is sold in Europe also through Amazon.
    I'd be interesting to know if this is a valid product for hair growth.

    As it doesn't have any anti-DHT like Finasteride or Ion-channel opener like Minoxidil, I think it would be only good IN ADDITION to any other treatments for alopecia.

    The way Spectral products work is by having all the substances absorbed by the skin not by using glycol, but nanosomes, which are like liposomes, nano "capsules" able to penetrate the epidermis and reach the dermis, where the follicles are located.

    In this thread, I've only read about users who have never tried this and are already judging this product, which is not a serious thing to do.
    First try for a new months, then write your feedback. Ten days are not enough to restore hair follicles growth activity.
    I'd like to hear feedback from those who've used it for some months/years.
    On Amazon, you can find some reviews too.

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