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    Default Please give me your honest anwser.

    I noticed that the hairs on the very front of my hair line are a bit thinner and shorter than some of my other hair. They might have always been like this because I normally push my hair up so I can't see them. Tell me what you think. I am a little worried it is thinning out, my dad went bald in his late 20s. But my moms dad still has good hair in his 80s and the rest of my family has reasonably good hair for their ages. Could this be early thinning? Or is it normal for some hairs in the front to be different? I also included a pic of my crown.

    taken today

    two months ago


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    i'd be more than happy to have the hair you hame man!!
    i dotn think you should be worrying at all!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jashely View Post
    Could this be early thinning? Or is it normal for some hairs in the front to be different?
    What you are showing us in your photos is a normal mature male hairline. The mature male hairline is one of those physical characteristics that differ between males and females. Females normally do not develop this hairline pattern. Males usually do.

    Since hereditary hair loss runs in your family, you do want to keep an eye on it if it bothers you. Don't obsess over it though. You could also seek out a doctor who specializes in treating hair loss. Such a doctor will help you work or out a strategy that is right for you.

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    Shorter, finer hairs can be a sign of miniaturization, which is the process hairs go through before they are lost. The hair at the very front that you seem to be concerned about doesn't appear to be badly affected from what I can tell (It looks totally healthy to me) but perhaps you could be noticing the early stages.

    One thing's for sure, your hair looks great right now. I don't think you need to do anything except keep a casual eye on it and maybe snap photos every few months for comparison purposes.
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