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    Default Whats more common?

    Receding hairline


    Bald spot in the back


    I have a receding hairline and always felt this was more common but now am starting to think that people with the bald spot in the back are just less noticeable because you are looking at them from the front.

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    Sometimes men confused the normal mature male hair line as a receding hair line. Most males develop a mature male hair line shortly after puberty. Depending on your family genetics, the temples may recede further back, or the temples and forelock both recede further back.

    Many males also develop a bald spot on the vertex and thinning in the mid anterior. I am not sure which is more common than the other. I seem to see both as I look at the guys around me day to day. So I think maybe they are equally common.

    In your photos, I can see the temples have receded back pretty far and your mid anterior is thinning. I could not see your vertex so I don't know if you have thinning there. Now that you have shaved your head, I am not sure if we would be able to tell.

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