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    First you need to decide how you feel about going on the drug and the financial issue should be secondary to this. If you decide to go on it, don't read about the negative feedback after the fact. The mind can be a powerful thing and you want to give yourself a fair, unbiased attempt at usage. There are risks with anything, but I think it's about assessing these sensibly and moving forward. You will need to give it adaquate time to let the drug do it's thing. If you start it, make sure you are consistent and just get on with your life. Bear in mind that an achieveable (and likely) outcome is that things stay the same as that is the point of the drug. I continue to read the negative reports and comments and examine them fairly. In short, I personally don't buy the hysteria at this moment in time. My advice would be to go for the year's supply. Commit to a decision (whatever it may be) and adopt a positive mindset. It worked for me!

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    I wouldn't trust the generic stuff. You can buy brand propecia here without a prior rx if you do the online prescription http://www.europepharmacy.net

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudz View Post
    Yeah thats the stuff

    And no i haven't started any at all. So buying in bulk initially might be a bad idea if i don't get on well with the side effects, fingers crossed im ok though.
    I agree, it is better to start with a smaller batch. You can buy 30 pills (generic finasteride), however online pharmacies do practise the system: the more pills, the less you pay. So, you can buy a bigger amount of pills later and save your money. I buy from ok-pharmacy. If you wish I can share my discount coupon code with you.

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    Default Both generic and original Propecia are fine in my opnion

    • My experience is that you can use any finasteride product; whether it is generic or Propecia, generic 5mg or Proscar. But you definitely have to make sure the Propecia and Proscar are the original. If generic, it MUST come from a traceable genuine pharmaceutical company.
    • Another important factor is that you find a reliable, transparent supplier with full contact details, business license registration, etc. I believe many members on this forum have been ordering their stash from YVSO with satisfaction for a long time. Anyway, it's all common sense. You need to take these finasteride tablets every day in perpetuity. Play safe and don't mess with your health is my advice!

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    This is an old topic as Dr Singh retired.

    I now use Dr Steve Edgar a GP in the UK who is incredibly helpful and provides phone support. He's popular source of legitimate finasteride in the Uk and his costs are low at £150 for 5mg generic Finasteride for 14 months supply. I use him to get my 5mg Proscar. He also can prescribe 1mg Propecia and 1mg generic finasteride.

    I made a topic recently about him prescribing topical finasteride too to UK patients.

    His email is DrStevengedgar@gmail.com

    I highly recommend him to any UK patients wanting a reliable GP to talk to about Finasteride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spex View Post

    http://Ukfinasteride.info is run by Dr Singh in the UK and i fully recommend him as he is a very reliable source of various forms of Finasteride. I personally get mine thru him now and have only heard very positive feedback about the service he provides from countless UK guys.

    I used to take Proscar but now take 1mg generic finpecia and find it to be just as good. Dr Singh is legit unlike many of the online stores out there in my opinion based on feedback.

    Hope this helps!
    This is the same dr singh in the news article who went to jail for selling all this.


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    (This is the same dr singh in the news article who went to jail for selling all this.


    Wow. Yeah to me that way was always a bit dodgy.

    I'm looking for a place to get dut or fin cheap on a good website, I have went through a Dr through emails. But wanna try a different place to see if I actually get results

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    I have been buying generic finasteride online for a long time. For me, this is the easiest and cheapest way to get finasteride. I buy on this site - http://bestmedicalstore.com/ . There have never been any problems.

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    anyone tried this site?


    It has a high rating on trustpilot so that is a good sign

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    I wouldn't trust the generic stuff.
    Iíve only ever been on the generic. It works great.

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