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    Default Hair Transplant Dr Glenn Charles

    Hey everyone,

    New to this forum but wanted to share my experience with others. I researched this like my life depended on it, for 1 whole year before deciding to have the procedure done. I am two days post op, after having 2611 Grafts tranplanted to my frontal area. I chose Dr.Charles after consulting with a bunch of other docs. I chose one of the recommended docs, simply because I felt that the results were proven. The one thing I liked was the fact that before my procedure, I called the clinic multiple times with a billion questions, but never was I treated as a nuisance, they were always happy to answer my questions. Dr.Charles called me personally from his cell phone while I was still on the fence about who to go with.

    Heres a rundown of everything that happened, so others who are in the same position can have some advice.

    I booked the surgery, and flew in the night before. Dr Charles called to make sure I had gotten in ok, and gave me a few directions and told me to rest properly

    The morning of, I arrived, dressed like a scrub (comfortably). I signed in, and then met with Dr Charles. He explained all the meds he wanted me to take (Valium and an antibiotic). He went over some paperwork and the hairline before he told me to take the meds. We went back and forth a little and came up with a hairline that we could both agree upon.

    We then proceeded to the operating area. I was presented with a list of movies, while chatting it up with the technicians. This is where the most pain came in: ANESTHESIA. This was the worst part, but it luckily only lasted a few minutes. Afterwards, I didnt even know what was happening back there since I wasnt feeling anything. Things were moving a lot faster than I imagined. I even got to check out the strip before they started disecting it. It seemed like we were all enjoying the movie and having a good time.

    While the grafts were being disected, Dr charles was making his incisions on the hairline. This was weird because I could feel the incisions being made, but I couldnt feel any pain whatsoever because the anesthesia was working. Every time I did feel ANYTHING, the whole crew paused and the area in question was immediately attended to.

    Next, came lunch. Enjoyed a great lunch while catching up on sportscenter.

    After lunch, the technicians began placing the grafts. Dr Charles had made all the incisions, so the grafts could only go in one way and there was no room for error. Even then, Dr Charles came in multiple times to check to make sure everything was going according to plan. At this point, we were on movie number 2.

    That was basically the end of the procedure, and I was impressed with the total result at the end of the day. The hairline was EXACTLY what we had drawn, and I booked an appointment to come in the next day for a hair wash.

    Ill keep updating for the first couple of days as far as my progress is concerned. Hope this helped some people.

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    Default Night of the procedure.

    Ok, it may look like these are all posted at the same time, but I had written them up on my computer but never posted them until now.

    While the anesthesia was wearing off, it felt like I was wearing a really tight hat. I had some extra strength tylenol as soon as I got home, and had a good dinner. The hardest part was putting my head on the pillow. Dr Charles had recommended putting pressure on the back of my head because it would help with the healing, but I couldnt tolerate the pain. So, I had the hydrocodone. It took some time to kick in, and I should have listened to Dr Charles when he said not to wait for the pain to come on before taking the pills, but rather be proactive about it. Either way, it was kind of difficult to get comfortable, but then I created a horseshoe with the pillows and slept with one of those U shaped travel pillows. I slept for 11 hours not a single problem

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    Default Day 1 Post-op

    Ok, after sleeping for 11 hours, I got up, and had breakfast, before heading down to the office for my first hair wash. When I checked my pillow the next morning, I had ONE drop of blood about a quarter of the size of a dime. I should have taken a pain med, but didnt, and the hair wash was semi painful, only in the donor area, but the tech was very gentle and comforting. Dr Charles checked out everything after, and let me know that everything was textbook, which put me at great ease. After that, I came home, and was good to go for the rest of the night.

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    Default Day 2 Post-op

    Slept for 10 hours last night. Got up a few times randomly, but went back to sleep pretty quickly. Woke up, and had my first self hair wash. Got through it pretty well and felt a lot fresher afterwards. Havent experienced any swelling today, and have been using the graftcyte spray pretty frequently. Havent taken anything for the pain today, because I havent really had any. I highly recommend the travel pillow, because it makes sitting down so much more relaxing. Its great to look in the mirror and imagine when the hairs will come in. Thats it for now, Ill check in tomorrow.

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    Hi DSdoc do you have any pics?

    before and after the procedure.

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    Not yet, but Ill put them up once I get a chance

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    Default Day 3 Post Op

    Slept ok last night, it seemed like my donor area was pretty tender. No significant swelling or discomfort to report as of yet. The redness on my recipient area is going down, which is making it less noticeable. One thing to note though, is that my recipient area is starting to become itchy and I just have to remember to resist the urge to scratch it. Hopefully that just means the grafts are settling in. Still using the graftcyte spray every 20 or 30 mins or so. Washed my hair this morning, and I noticed it wasnt as painful or as uncomfortable as it was yesterday.

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    Default Pictures/Update

    Finally got the chance to come on here and put up some pics. I had the sutures taken out at 8 days post op, and Dr Charles said everything was going well, most of the scabs have fallen off by now, and I am feeling ECSTATIC about seeing so much progress in terms of healing. I have been told that most of the transplanted hairs will fall out, but man does it feel amazing to look in the mirror. At this point in time, I just want to focus in a bit more on the staff and Dr Charles. Balding is something that no one should have to go through, yet so many people face, and it has, like many others, made me very self conscious. I can honestly say that walking into Dr Charles office was the first time I actually felt comfortable talking about my situation. The staff there are probably the nicest people in the business. I did my research at multiple different places, but nothing could compare to the hospitality I have received here. Dr Charles has been nothing short of a miracle man in terms of being there every step of the way. Even before my procedure, he gave me his personal cell phone number, and everytime I call I always think, "man hes gonna hate hearing from me", since that is how I felt I was being treated at other places, but that couldnt be farther from the truth. Just this morning I had a question, and he was more than happy to answer the question. The other thing is, unlike many other docs who just want to get off the phone as soon as possible, he actually spends time to have a conversation. I feel like thats hard to find in a doctor these days, and is definately something that should be taken into consideration when undergoing such a procedure as this. Anyways, heres the pics. I had to think long and hard about putting pics up, and these are the only ones I am comfortable displaying, so I ask that you please respect that.
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Name:	Before - right side view.jpg

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Name:	Immediate Post-Op - Right view.jpg

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Name:	Immediate Post-Op - rear.jpg

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Name:	Immediate Post-Op - side view.jpg

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Name:	1 weeks Post-Op (5).jpg

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    Very impressive donor closure. So neat. Grow well.

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