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    Start using 1mg p/day but I strongly advise you to masturbate every morning to maintain your wood over the years.
    It seems that 2 to 5% of men tend to lose their rock hard errections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustTheTip View Post
    I have not tried Propecia, so I cannot give you first hand experience.

    However, I want to make one thing clear: the rate of side effects is grossly minimized. I think Merk claims something like 2% of men experience side effects.

    A casual glance at hair loss forums will disprove that claim. I think the number is much higher, like around 15-20%. After all, you cannot trust the company selling the medication to give an unbiased assessment.

    Either way, it's not going to kill you. So if you do experience side effects, then just stop and they should go away quickly.

    Good luck with your decision...
    Not true. Sure more people claim to have sides on the forum but most who have a positive experience in the real world won't ever say anything. Those that have a bad reaction go online and complain. Its the way things work. Google problems with anything and you will find a long list of complaints. The research I have read is its actually around 5 to 7 percent that have sides. But because 2 to 5 percent on placebo have sides that number is reduced to %2.

    Now in regards to propecia working for young men. Propecia doesn't stop dht. Best case is it reduces it by %70. For some men, even young ones with early loss, that is enough to make a big difference. For most sub 25 men who are already experiencing hairloss(meaning they are most likely going to be NW6 or 7) it just slows down the hairloss. Basically taking it might make your hair look at 30 what it would have at 25 without it. For guys who are older and just start noticing hairloss their hair isn't as sensitive and they typically see more results. Basically it works best for those who don't need it as much!

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    Hi there.

    Don't read too much into the propecia hysteria you'll hear about on this site and others.

    I started thinning on my temples around age 20, but it could have been earlier based on old pictures. I ignored it and figured I was too young to be having hair loss. I read about propecia and the supposed side effects and decided it wasn't for me. That was a huge mistake. Fast forward 4 years and my crown becomes noticeably thin. I freak out and start taking propecia. That was 3 years or so ago and my hair looks considerably better than it did when I started. It's not as good as it was when I first started losing it, but it's definitely not worse and my hair quality is improved. I just wish I had started when I was 20.

    Never had any side effects at all. If anything I have more libido and erections than before. As for brain fog, I'm graduating medical school next week with a 3.95 GPA(this is not to be taken as medical advice) and I've never felt any change in mentation.

    I would say that if you are going to do it, go into it assuming you won't have side effects since 98% of people don't. If you go into it assuming you will or you are looking for them to'll probably have them.

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