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    Default Young men's experience with Propecia

    Hi im 18, hairlines thinning, considering propecia. Was wondering if there is anyone at there who started propecia at a young age and is willing to share the experience and thoughts with me. I was wondering how effective it was in preventing the aggressive mpb that people my age showing signs mpb will usually experience later in life.

    Anyone who has experience propecia is also very welcome!

    Thanks I really appreciate the advice you guys give here!

    p.s. I have done a TON of research on propecia's sides so I am pretty aware of the possible dangers short and long/perminant term. And of course I will see my doctor as well derm specializing in hairloss before deciding to take propecia. So no real need in educating me as I will probably give it try despite the sides, such is the dangers caused by the deadly sin vanity. but ur input is welcome too!

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    You seem in the know so I will dispense with background chat. I've been on Finasteride for 3 years. No major sides and I've kept what I had. I did'nt have particularly aggressive loss, rather a gradual decline. I think Propecia will likely be replaced by a newer technology (Replicel or Histogen look the most obvious candidates) in the forseeable future so anyone starting now will probably only need it until this happens. If you make the decision to use the drug (and only you can do that) then I wish you all the best and would advise you stay away from the negativity if you choose to proceed.

    Good luck!

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    thanks anyone else

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    I have not tried Propecia, so I cannot give you first hand experience.

    However, I want to make one thing clear: the rate of side effects is grossly minimized. I think Merk claims something like 2% of men experience side effects.

    A casual glance at hair loss forums will disprove that claim. I think the number is much higher, like around 15-20%. After all, you cannot trust the company selling the medication to give an unbiased assessment.

    Either way, it's not going to kill you. So if you do experience side effects, then just stop and they should go away quickly.

    Good luck with your decision...

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    Hey man a lot of people around hairloss forums have no side effects. However they are possible.
    This is my advice to you:
    1. Check with a few GPs about Propecia and start with regular blood tests for hormone levels.
    2. Inform yourself. I mean not just on this forum. On multiple forums, then ask some medical experts. It would also be nice to consult with endocrinologist.
    3. Decide.
    The decision to use Propeica is solely up to you.

    I've decided not to take the drug, I have aggressive hairloss so it ain't peachy. Propecia however can slow it down. But I'm hoping for a permanent solution in the future.

    And on a side note. Definetly decide objectively. Do not let fear control you, rather look at it from a point of importance. Because trust me your own mind can make up its own side effects sometimes.

    As I said I weighed my options with or without the drug, and decided it is not worth the risk. But priorities are different in all of us. Maybe your hair is really important to you and you would like to try. All I'm saying is:" Inform yourself". On the matter of Propeica I am completely reserved.

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    Timmis, read my thread. I've been on Propecia for about 2 months now with some promising results. I'm 20 years old and have noticed hair loss for the past year.

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    consider trx2 - its natural and in my case works much better than propecia.

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    No sides for me. I'm 22. It's a good product mainly to slow down or even stop hair loss. I have to say it has definitely stopped my hair loss, which let's minoxidil do it's work.

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    Thanks for all the responses. oh and to justthetip although merck's percentage of side effects is most likely misleading adn underestimated, the forums themselves can be just as misleading as those who get sides are gonna be more vocal and also stay on these forums searching for another treatment as those who dont get sides and are satisfied will most likely never return to the forums.
    But more importantly what exactly is trx2 and how proven is it to work? I've only read a small amount of material on it and havent thought about as it seems really new.

    thanks again everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBlue View Post
    consider trx2 - its natural and in my case works much better than propecia.
    Hello Whitfield. Works better than Propecia? Bollocks, Trx2 is a scam-I was on it for eight months and have nothing good to say about it.

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