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    Yes, Wanda! Good luck in NY, and I look forward to hearing about it!

    Welcome, Colleen!

    I wanted a second opinion myself, so I'm going to a local endocrinologist at the end of June.


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    Hello friends!! I had my visit with Dr. Redmond last Saturday(May 2). I was very impressed with him. He was extremely nice, answered all my questions(I forgot to ask a couple, though), and knows what he is talking about!! He says my hair loss problem is due to low estrogen. It is not testosterone(DHT) related since my values are so low. He wants me to switch to the transdermal estrogen instead of the oral, since your body actually gets more from the transdermal. So, I have 2 more pills and then I will switch to the "patch". I also have to take prometrium(200 mg for 12 days each month). The wierd thing about prometrium for me is that instead of making me sleepy, it has the opposite effect!! Wierd, huh? Since being on the oral estrogen, I can tell I am losing less hair(just the normal amount, but at this point I don't want to lose ANY!!). I feel very hopeful since seeing him. I told him my son was getting married in June and I wanted to make sure I would be "safe" hairwise, and he said absolutely. When I told him I had probably lost half of my hair, I am not sure he believed me . . . my hair was SO THICK, you would have to dig it apart to see my scalp. I never parted my hair because it would not stay parted!! Well, it sure does now and I see more scalp than I want to. Anyway, having said all this, I think the absolutely best thing to do is to see a doctor who understands hairloss and what to do about it. It may be expensive, but in the end, what price do you want to put on your hair and the despair we go through? I am fortunate that my son lives in NYC - just 4 blocks south of Dr. Redmond's office. I have seen so many doctors who just "blew me off" . . . I think because they just don't know what to do. By the way, I am using a great shampoo now. It is Giovanni. I use the Tea Tree Triple Treat(for all hair types) and the Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner(my hair had gotten really frizzy). I have tried so many before, but I really like this one. It is organic, so that is good. Please keep me posted on your progress!! I think about you and all of "us" in this situation all the time. I also pray for you gals, because until we go through the same thing as someone else, it is difficult to identify with that person. Now, I definitely do identify, and therefore I do pray for all of us!!

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    Tse - I have started a thread about the vivelle dot. I did switch a week ago and it seemed my hair shedded more this past week. Also, scalp is more itchy, etc in the back. I was so excited after my visit with Dr. Redmond. Things were going so much better for me. I felt really down today, but it is rainy and yucky outside, and that does not help things!! I am sure we normally lose more hair at times, so I am not going to be alarmed yet. I do have a call into Dr. Redmond to see if he thinks the vivelle dot has anything to do with it. How are YOU doing? Have you noticed any changes yet?

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