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    Question Minoxidil & Nioxin a deadly ****tail?

    Iíve been on Minoxidil 5% twice daily and Nizoral shampoo twice weekly for the last 19 weeks. I went through the usual schtick Ė had a shedding phase that lasted 6 agonizing weeks and then I had some impressive regrowth up until 15 weeks. Ever since then Iíve started to go into a second shedding phase. I know some people go through this as well; if so, how long did yours last? How many shedding phases can one expect to go through?

    Secondly, Iíve added Nioxin to the mix. The shedding phase started before then, so I suppose I canít blame it on the kit, but I apply the nioxin scalp liquid shortly after my minoxidil and it stings a lot. Is this a good or a bad thing? I remembered getting scalp irritation (just a red afterglow) when I used nioxin many years ago; back then I got amazing results from using only just that. Is combining the two a bad idea, or is the minoxidil helping the nioxin absorb better or vice versa? I know people say you should wait for one to dry before applying the other, but will this really make a difference to whateverís happening?

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