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    Quote Originally Posted by jonnykino View Post
    So in 2006 I still had my juvenile hairline, 2008 I've got a mature hairline? Is the hairline from 2008 the same as my hairline today?
    Yes, it looks like you developed your mature male hair line between 2006 and 2008. Your hair line does not look much different now than it does in those 2008 pictures. So maybe you have stabilized. Who knows?

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    Okay, cheers for the reply. I guess at the moment (and from the replies in here) my hairline is okay, but I'll keep an eye on it. It's as thick at the temples as it is at the front, so am guessing... and hoping, that it's just matured and that's that.


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    Yep, you've made the transition from having a child's hairline to developing the hairline of an adult. In my opinion a change for the better. Your hair looks great.
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