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    Quote Originally Posted by EXprettyboy View Post

    I intuitively know that that first generation of redeemed former mpb victims are gonna be a ferocious bunch. Renewed vigor and and confidence will drive them to do extraordinary things. Emotions that they had blocked off 'forever' will overwhelm them. They will have gotten through a certain death of Identity and be reawakened to LIFE! Nobody else will understand. The strength we will derive from this difficult period will make us overcome anything. That first wave of desperate men will be free again, and they will be a formidable breed. They will be hungrier and more determined than other men. New confidence and freedom will spawn creativity, unstymied expression and AMBITION.

    For later generations it wont be an issue. MPB will never be enough of an issue to drive men to edge like this again. They won't get it either. It will be an easily resolved flaw, that people don't think about twice.

    For later Generations, they have the science, they may have the first mini-organ cloned in their hands, the first baby steps toward elimination of many diseases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Follicle Death Row View Post
    I like this one. Sounds legitimate and a name like this carries some clout. ISHR though is a little too similar to the ISHRS. I'd go with something like the International Hair Rejuvenation Association (IHRA).
    I, my self has not only thought about it, but has done my best to make some progress, I call it a movement, and I, now can see there a lot of people out there who think same as me, so can you please leave your mail here for me, or any other means for me to contact you?

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    I truly believe that if a scientist or doctor was suffering from baldness, they would be totally more eager to bring an effective cure to fruition rather than just testing on mice or keep on offering the same old hair transplants.

    See http://www.menshealth.com/spotlight/...-baldness3.php

    Dr. Washenik remains confident. "The sooner we figure this out, the better," he says. "So many people are waiting for this technology. I know that with every medical advance, the first one to market becomes the leader, and everyone else plays catch-up." Like many of the scientists I meet, his passion for a cure is personal. "I started going bald at 25," he says, tussling his hair to flaunt his 2,200-graft transplant. "While I was working on my Ph.D., I was mixing up homemade minoxidil [the active ingredient in Rogaine] in my lab."

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXprettyboy View Post
    We are in pain... this ailment torments us, We can't even forget it because it is literally always 'on our mind'.

    We spend alot of our money on anything that might help.

    Who cares about this issue more than us? ...nobody.
    Time and time again we wait for months on end, for some multi national corporation to come up with a lack luster treatment, and then exploit the shit out of our insecurity for big money. Hat's of to the companies that are the real deal though, they're our only hope.

    Here's my proposal :

    There are enough of us to set up are own Non-profit organisation dedicated to a cure. If we all contributed a small donation, we could set up our own facility, A laboratory staffed by motivated scientists. Spencer could be CEO.

    Why would we do that?
    1>We would no longer be held by the balls by these companies, we would be a strong independent organisation, united.

    2>We would never be in the dark about progress.

    3>We would feel like we are part of the biggest movement ever formed to cure this.

    4>If we hit the jackpot we would not be financially exploited, we would be the owners of the cure.

    5>Everybody here knows how deep this runs for us, nobody would work harder than us. We could even publish every detail of the science on the internet daily. People like you and me could have access to the research from home and a cult of part-time scientists would be born, It would be a legitamit past time when your depressed! All those baldies with sky high I.Q.s put to work.

    Take wikipedia for example, one of the biggest website's in the world self funded. Can you imagine the power of a website and laboratory that we owned? the bald population at least pro-actively preoccupied. I think we should suggest this to spencer for discussion on his radio-show.

    Thanks for the laugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
    I support the cause. Can you elect me chairman of your organization?

    I promise not to spend that money on plastic surgeries or anything.
    I'm reporting your every post

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2020 View Post
    I'm reporting your every post
    no point man, spencer takes scorpion seriously, he'll never boot him...tbf he is quite funny

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    this is srsly a good idea. I'd donate some money for sure

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    Totally a good idea man. Can you imagine if every hairloss sufferer supported this cause? Reckon we really would have a significant improvement in treatments in 5 years. Instead of the BS were consistently fed from these start ups looking for investment only to sell the company or flop completely!

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