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    I wanted to share with everyone here my HT experience done a year ago in June 2010. I waited a full year in order to be able to share my great result right away with all of you. My HT was done by Dr Feriduni in Hasselt Belgium. I really would like to thank Dr Feriduni for the great work he has done and for the great impact his work is having on my life everyday. From my experience Dr Feriduni is the best and I am already planning my second HT with him.
    I am now going to share my story and experience and I really hope it will help others who are still undecided about a hair transplant.
    I noticed my hair lose at 30 following a stressful moment in my life. The lose was steady but at time the lose would really increase…I tried to ignore it for a few years but as years went by family and friends would point at to me my hair loss, I really suffered mentally with a great lose of confidence which caused me to lose many interest such as socializing... I began the journey of trying all type of claimed remedies but nothing worked at all. At 34, I came across information about hair transplant and spend many hours researching about the subject. I also contacted and visited many hair transplant clinics in the U.S.A. and Europe but still remained undecided on my pick. When I visited Dr Ferudini’s clinic I was really impressed by the professionalism I was greeted with, the clinic was so clean with an amazing modern design, then I was offered coffee, chocolates and cookies while I waited…When I met Dr Feriduni I was really impressed because he answered all my questions and concern with patience and great professionalism, I probably spent over an hour with him and he did not even look at his clock nor he even gave me the feeling of having to hurry. After awhile I realize that I was not dealing anymore with a Dr trying to sale me a surgery but with such a genuine person, truly honest and so human in his understanding of people. Today after my first surgery I can claim that Dr Feriduni is not only the best surgeon but also a great person. After seeing Dr Feriduni’s work and great results, plus dealing with such a great man, I decided on the spot that Dr Feriduni will be my surgeon and I requested right away a date for surgery considering that I was scheduled to go back to the U.S.A really soon. Dr Feriduni and his staff managed to squizz me into their tight schedule because I wanted to take advantage of me being present in Europe since it would be easier for me to reschedule my returning date to the USA than having to come back again.
    Staying in France, I travelled to Hasselt and there I was greeted by a taxi driver who outside of speaking dutch also spoke fluently English and French. Dr Ferudini had me in a luxurious Hotel in the center Hasselt which gave me the opportunity to visit the city by walk since everything was so close. Next day a taxi picked me up and drove me to Dr Feriduni’s clinic for my life changing hair transplant. I was greeted there, by his not only pretty but also really professional nurses. I was oriented to a nice and clean relaxation room, with comfortable chairs, magazines and TV…and to my surprises I was given a menu in order to chose what I wanted to have for lunch, then I was given to wear for the surgery new and sterilized surgical clothes (pants, top and sandals); again that made me more comfortable and it indicated to me that was in good hands because during my HT surgeons researches I have witnessed many times in others clinics the HT patient having his surgery while wearing jeans and t-shirt under a surgical sheet placed around the neck. When I was ready, I was visited by dr Feriduni to go over what we have decided in regards to graft amount and hair line; he again did not rush me as he did not hesitate to erase the line and start all over again until a reach was made between me being satisfied and what was possible to be accomplished in my case.
    At that point in time, I was guided into the surgery room and again it was really clean and everything was modern with up to date equipments and instruments, even a big flat screen TV with cable and remote was installed right in front of the surgery long chair to keep me entertain during the surgery; and of course I cannot forget while entering the surgery room the crew of pretty women greeting you with a great smile. Everything was done so softly and gently that without realizing nor feeling anything I was told that the strip was already removed and graft need to be prepared for transplant. My reaction was “Already…you have already removed the strip and closed the scar…I did not feel anything at all and it was so quick” I was so glad and so impressed by the professionalism of the work. When the transplant was completed I was given all the necessary items to use for the first night such as pain killer… and all the information required in case of emergency or concern and was told, with no hesitations to call Dr Feriduni or his head nurse anytime of the night.
    After a good night and a great break fast at the hotel, a taxi sent by Dr Feriduni came to pick me up to bring me back to the clinic for a final check up and head wash before going home. I was also provided with all the information in regard to caring for the transplanted hair and the scar…and again to call if I had any question.
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    Congratulations! You look fantastic! I love reading success stories like yours. Dr. Feriduni is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world for sure. I Always wonder why we don’t see more of his patients or his results on this forum. We tend to see a lot of the same doctors being talked about because they are more visible, but If I was in Europe I would seriously consider only two or three hair transplant surgeons and Feriduni would be at that top of that list. Thanks for sharing.

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    Congrats! Great result. You must be delighted. Feriduni is easily one of the best.

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