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    Default does wearing a hat cause hairloss?

    my hair is very fluffy and i often wear a hat before i put product in to get it a bit flatter.

    i've looked online to see if wearing a hat causes hair loss, and basically the whole of the internet says that it doesn't.

    however, my mother came in from work and told me she had been reading an article by some german hair expert or something. this person said that wearing a hat cause cause hair loss as it causes 'wear and tear' to your hair. is this true?

    i figured here would be the best place to ask.

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    Complete BS
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    Can't say it any better than Spex.....

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    propaganda by visor manufacturers.

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    Yes if you wear a very tight hat for 15 hours that does not allow air to your scalp

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    I don't believe hats cause hair loss.

    But coincidentally, my hair started thinning and excessively shedding when I started wearing baseball caps every day to play baseball. 1 month in, when I was 16. Before that, I never wore hats and I never thinned. Also, my hair did not get any better while I was on Propecia and Rogaine, and still wearing baseball caps every day[no longer to play baseball, just to cover my hair loss]. I got rid of all of my hats and haven't worn any other hats this year, and now all of a sudden Minoxidil and Finasteride decide to work better than before.

    So I don't know. Every thing points to wearing hats triggered my already predetermined MPB, but didn't exactly caused it, it just sped it up maybe? But then doctors and scientists say otherwise, and I don't know more than doctors and scientists.

    It's supposedly shut down as a myth because if hats cause hair loss, then why do we have hair on our armpits where it is covered by our arm all day, and why do we have pubic hair which is covered by underwear and jeans/pants all day? Why do we grow toe hair if we wear socks and shoes everyday and suffocate our feet for hours a day. I want to believe hats trigger hair loss because of the coincidence I went through with wearing hats and getting hair loss immediately. But it doesn't make sense that the head would be so different than every other body part in regards to what causes the hair loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hurts View Post
    Yes if you wear a very tight hat for 15 hours that does not allow air to your scalp
    Hats do not cause hair loss no matter how long you wear them or how tight they are. Hair growth is not dependant and air reaching your scalp and in order to cut off the blood supply which would cause hair loss as well as scalp necrosis, the hat would have to be unbearably tight, causing excruciating pain. Theoretically I guess itís possible if someone was being tortured by being forced to wear some sort of specially rigged unbearably tight cap, but it canít happen in the real world.

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    how many MLB players are bald? i'm guessing not too many.

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    Only an old myth. But beware you can get sever hat head.
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    Seeing how decreased blood flow is present in the heads of balding men I don't think rulling out a tight hat as at least contributing to hair loss in an individual already loseing hair is smart. Better words might be that it wont cause hair loss but if worn too tight for long periods of time it certainly can speed it up to some unkown degree.

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