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    Default mirror vs digital camera vs webcam

    which gives the most true view?

    i've been told i have no hairloss but i still check my crown with these three things. my hair is blonde. if i use a mirror my crown is hardly noticeable, it's a tiny dot. if i use a digital camera with no flash it's the same. if i use it with flash more scalp is seen, if i use a webcam my crown looks horrible.

    which is the most true to real life?

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    The image you see in the mirror is the most accurate and what others around you see as well. This is a good thing! The camera, depending on the settings, and without flash is the 2nd most accurate.

    The camera image with the flash is not accurate because with the flash the scalp reflects a lot of the light back into the lens thus washing out the area. The flash can make the crown look at the very least twice as thin or more and can even be so bad that it can make a perfectly fine crown, with no hair loss, look thin.

    Webcams tend to have problems with overexposure in bright areas and unexposure in dark areas and are never accurate either.

    So good news for you, it seems like you probably don't have any hair loss. Congratulations!

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    I agree with Jotronic. A mirror view in normal lighting (no spot light overhead) will probably give the most accurate assessment and is what other people are seeing when they looking at you.
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