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    You know I think it's sort of a three-fold dilemma. First, there's just not enough research done especially in genetic dispostions and even gene therapy. It's so complex that doctors in general just don't have the clinical information to really understand MPB and how to control or manipulate the genes to either regress hairloss or stop it altogethor.

    Second, there has not been enough demand from patients to substantiate the research and even the area of specialization to support a licensed physician's liveliehood and practice. In other words, there's just no money in it until we can change the insurance industry to include treating hairloss in one's health insurance policy both medicinally and surgically.

    That in effect would open up this field however that leads to the third point. There's far more money in HT surgery than there is in hairloss medications.

    Present day however there is far far more reserach being done than there was in the past 50 years and we keep reading its closer and closer...
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    NOTE: I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice nor are they the opinions of the following endorsing physicians: Dr. James Harris, Dr. Bob True & Dr. Bob Dorin

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    any news with that?

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    I have been waiting for 30 years!
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    NOTE: I am not a physician and not employed by any doctor/clinic. My opinions are not medical advice nor are they the opinions of the following endorsing physicians: Dr. James Harris, Dr. Bob True & Dr. Bob Dorin

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    Default Transplanted hair loss

    Hello there, i had a hair transplantation 3 years ago with good results but after a year started falling slowly. The last 4-5 months i had sudden and rapid loss with itching and a strange sensation of ants crawling at the places that i was thinning. I also started propecia 1.5 month ago with the hair loss and itching still going on, crawling is gone but i have oily scalp now.

    I dont know what to do, are there any updates with your cases guys?

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    Hey Killer, I hardly come here any more but I just saw your post.

    Well, I've definitely lost even more hair in the transplanted area but I keep telling myself maybe it's the original/native hair that's I'm losing- I had a lot of native hair when I first started on this HT journey. Not being sure which hair I'm losing is driving me crazy. By now, I'm sure just about 100% of the hair I have in front is transplanted yet I still do see miniaturizing hairs (either falling out or still in the scalp). Sometimes I think some of the transplanted hairs are definitely being affected by DHT but not all. Sometimes I feel transplants from certain HT sessions didn't survive while transplants from other sessions are still surviving.
    But I just know this, if I pull my hair back (at the hair line) I certainly don't look like someone who's had 6 HTs. I don't see a solid hair line but for some reason the left side looks fuller than the rest of the hair line.

    This is so stressful it's no less than mental torture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gillenator View Post

    Listen my friend. We need to talk. Contact me at my email link below and we can discuss by phone. It's better that I call you because it would take me forever to type the reply you are seeking. I can talk much faster than type. My following opinions are based on the past three decades of observation in HT patients.

    You may very well be experiencing a phenomenon that some patients do unfortunately experience. I am and have been actually doing a research project on this phenomenon. Thank goodness it is the exception and not the rule!

    I do not know how your doc confirmed the fact that you are "losing" your past transplants other than simply looking at what was once there and how much is left. In other words, comparing past photos post-op when everything from your past procedure grew in.

    IMHO, the best way to determine if you hair is diffusing or being lost is by closely examining the individual transplanted hair shafts under a scope with at least 30X empowerment. I use a densiometer because it has a light meter built in. It's a hand held instrument that can be purchased at Radio Shack for approximately $20 US. Believe it or not, you can even use a magnifying glass to monitor and compare the differences in "hair shaft diameter". So to make my pount clear, you are comparing differences in hair shaft diameter to confirm the diffusion.

    You simply take small individual hair samples in any zone that you notice diffusing going on. You then take "terminal" hair samples from the donor zones (sides and back zones, parietal/occipital). Compare hair shaft diameter between the diffused hair samples to the terminal hair.

    You can even mail the samples to me and I will examine them for you providing that you acknolowledge by reply email that I am not a licensed physician nor making any clinical representations and/or any formal certifications. You are getting my lay opinion, nothing else.

    But I have been doing this on myself and some other younger men who are just beginning to notice the effects of MPB. I use the same approach to informally confirm if finasteride is working to stabilize the loss of hair shaft diameter. I am also as I said conducting my own research on past HT patients who feel they may be losing their transplants. I can say that most of the participants are at least 5 or more years post-op.

    It is extremely rare to see the loss occur at such a soon interval as you are experiencing. I would say the average has been between 10 and 15 years post-op. Let me also say it is rare for this phenomenon to occur. Clearly, this is not the norm and I have tried to get more feedback from several HT docs. But what I have found is that many of them are uncomfortable discussing or confirming that is in fact a potential part of the risk in HT surgery.

    My premonition is that this is occuring more than we realize and why I am doing the ongoing research project.

    I will need your written release and cooperation if you would like to participate and why we need to talk further. You can also forward to me ongoing digital quality pics of the thinning zones, again for comparison purposes only. Your case and file is strictly confidential with me.

    It's the "why is this occuring" question that we are trying to answer with a scientific conclusion.

    Now, if you want my opinion to date as to why this phenomenon is occuring, here it is: I believe the main reason why any patient may lose their transplants at a future date is because some of the donor hair is in fact DHT receptive. In other words, I am realizing more and more, or better stated, I am becoming more convinced with time that terminal hair is not a black and white issue.

    Just because it was harvested from the occipital zone does not necessarily imply that it will last forever. Some of it will last for decades and some will not. There is no way of telling strand by strand because an extremely high percent of HT patients are doing the procedure when most of their donor zones appear as terminal hair without exception. I am finding that there are in fact exceptions. Those zones do not show very much miniturization if any at younger ages. It begins to show as we age. That's why it is easy to be mistaken.

    Here's the key folks! This is the most critical statement I can state on this issue. If You have donor zone thinning in your family history on either side of your family (maternal or paternal), then there's a real possibilty that you will experience it as well. So if donor zone thinning is in your cards, then it is very possible that some of your transplanted hair is in fact DHT receptive!

    One last statement. One of the similarities between the participating patients have in common is guess what? Donor zone thinning in their family history! That's is the only real evidence that supports the answer to this phenomenon. I do not include individuals who are on meds with hairloss as a potential side-effect nor people with diseases that can also cause hairloss like Lupus for example.

    To date, I cannot find any other source or reason as to why the permanency of transplanted hair fails other than some of it is DHT receptive to begin with.

    I began to come to this conclusion about 3 years ago and why some of you have noticed that I began to warn and inform new patients to reconsider HTs "if" and I repeat "if" they have histories of donor zone thinning in their families. At the same time, I began to warn new patients to not consider "nape hair" for donor use "if" they have donor zone thinning in their families.

    I have been criticized for this opinion in the past, yet as time rolls on, there are more patients like you experiencing this dilemma.

    Again, it is something for every patient to explore and consider before they ever step into the OR room!

    I truly hope this has been helpful to you and any others who may be experiencing the same thing.

    Let me know if I can be of any futher help. See what I mean by the amount time it takes to type all of this?
    I had transplants when I was 29 years old. A dozen years later, the transplants had noticeably thinned.

    By less than twenty years later, the thinning of the recipient sites had continued but also the donor area started to thin such that my barber could no longer cut my hair as short as I would have liked without areas in the back and sides becoming see-through.

    And then fifteen years later, my hair started to thin dramatically all over from senescent alopecia.

    All in all, I got about two really good years from my transplants, after which things started to slowly go bad again.

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    I too had a Transplant around 4 years Back , the 1st year was stellar result , good density and Nice coverage to my Norwood 4 , then since that there has been a steady fallout of the Transplanted hair , why I am so sure that it is Transplanted hair and Not Native hair ? ? well I had a slick bald area Hairline to mid scalp was Barren , so there were only transplanted hair in that area and those have been fallen out since the last 3 years to the point that today the density is lost by 50 % and my scalp is visible .
    My doctor is not giving me any satisfactory explanation , I stumbled on this Post today and was shocked to see Many guys like me , struggling to find answer to this problem .
    also on another famous site hair restore , many guys have reported but there also No One has any clue .
    If any member can chime in please let us know the reason for such a phenomenon , as I am Lost for Answers . BTW I have never taken Propecia , yet the grafts ( FUE) grew in beautiful and dense for the first year Post Operation .
    Any senior members like gillenator , spex , tillman pls do respond your take on this .

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