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    Default New hasson & wong-asian guy (5083 graphs)

    Hi Spencer Kobren,

    Firstly just like to say you rock! your doing a great JOB we hear you all around the world.

    Hi Fellow Hair Loss Sufferers,
    On Thursday January 15/01/2009 I received my first HT session with Dr Wong in Vancouver. Now before I get into the details, I’d like to mention that I have been doing my homework on HT’s for at least two years, and you know what? I am glad that I did.

    At least 1 year before making my decision to visit Dr Wong I had considered HT in Australia. The clinic I visited claimed that due to my hair type (Asian hair) I would be lucky to get more than 4000 graphs. On further examination, I was confirmed that at least a total of 3700 graphs could be extracted. I chose Hassan and Wong in the end, which meant a trip over to Canada. I had researched extensively and these guys continuously came up as being the very best. Undergoing a HT was a huge decision and I wanted to be really sure I was giving it my very best shot.
    I was right.


    After a tiring flight from Australia, I finally arrived at Vancouver airport on January the 14th 2009. I was excited but at the same time nervous, all I could think about was, “Am I really going through with this?” After a few hours of rest, I caught a cab to the Hasson & Wong Clinic for a consultation with Dr Wong prior to the procedure which was scheduled for the next day. As I entered the clinic I was kindly greeted by Christina who had been assisting me the whole time by email whilst I was in Australia. I also got to finally meet the man JOE. Joe was great the whole time I stayed in Vancouver. After reading so much about Joe, and his testimony, I have to say that his HT looked great, and this, along with his confidence and friendly manner, really reassured me. After a good long chat with JOE I met the famous Dr Wong with a firm handshake. I had zillion questions for Dr Wong, and he answered them all with ease and confidence. After examining my hair he said my laxity was very good. This I knew, but I was just a little worried as my hair type, classified as Asian, would come in ones & two’s possibly making my HT harvest less effective. I remember asking Dr Wong, “What if my hair is too ..?” He just looked at me and said not to worry as I was in the best hands possible. I have to say that the good Dr was friendly and reassuringly confident and this relaxed me greatly and helped me feel that I was indeed in the right place.

    The next day I woke up at 4.00 AM in the morning, and after a light breakfast headed straight down to the H&W clinic for my 6.00AM appointment. After meeting some more staff & changing into a gown, Dr Wong took some photos of my head behind that famous blue wall you can see on YouTube, he then slightly etched in my new hair line, looked at me and said, “This is will suit you fine.” I then asked if he could slightly add more to my temples, sure enough he did. I was then ushered into a room where the HT procedures were performed. I was of course nervous but soon calmed by Dr Wong’s funny humour and confidence. After the amount of research I had done, I knew that some numbing injections were to come. Dr Wong said that this needle would feel like the sensation of tattoo needle. It slightly stung but in all honestly wasn’t that bad. The most nervous part of the procedure was just thinking about the strip being cut from the back of my head. I couldn’t even tell Dr Wong was cutting the strip, that’s how good the drugs must have been and how confident the Doctor is. I think my blood pressure went up a little bit but that was soon stopped by another injection Dr Wong gave me. The procedure was painless.

    After the strip was removed, Dr Wong then stapled my scalp. Watching Dr Wong’s team of assistants, (The Girls) cut my strip into little graphs was amazing, these girls work super hard! I don’t think I’ll ever forget them for their skill and expertise, some of them were cute too. Dr Wong was smooth with his work flow + the girls were fun to chat too! Dr Wong inserted the tiny slits where the graphs were to be placed. I was given some sleeping pills, and this combined with jet lag made me sleep through most of the procedure. Lunch was served at 12.00 and I got the occasional visit from JOE! That bloke was a laugh, and I was able to take heaps of snap shots with the whole team. Oh and if you get bored, these guys have got a ton of good movies you can watch for the duration of the operation. The most tedious part of the procedure was when it just dragged on & on, I thought that it would never stop! When graphs were being placed I would get the occasional sting, but this was stopped by more numbing injections which worked great!

    The procedure ended up finishing at 8:30 PM. Staff were tired, they had worked like Trojans, and yep I was zoned out (BIG DAY). I must say it was a smooth ride the whole way with no major bumps and little pain. Then most surprisingly Dr Wong informed me he had got a whopping total of 5083 graphs. I was truly shocked but delighted. I had thought I’d be lucky if I even got 4000 graphs! I was even more stunned when he said he could have got more graphs. Dr Wong’s skills are amazing, as are the skills of the whole team. The whole day had lasted over 14 hours. I am glad I flew all the way to Canada to undergo treatment by the best. I have still heaps of laxity left too

    The 3rd day after the procedure was crazy, my head started itching. I wanted to scratch and rub it but was not allowed to. All I could do was to put up with it and do something to keep my mind busy. I knew the itching meant the area was already recovering. Also on day four, as Dr Wong had said it would, my face puffed up. I found this a bit worrying and not at all pleasant, but it did only last two days! I recommend that any one travelling to H&W for a HT should stay for at least five days after surgery or more, that way you get to check out this awesome city and relax for a little longer. I only stayed five days, after flying all the way from Australia and in hind sight, I would have liked to have stayed longer.

    I am now back in Australia and nobody knows I even had a HT besides my family, whom are totally amazed by the sheer craftsmanship of Dr Wong & his team. I am going to let my new hair grow out. I have shaved the sides down to a number 3 and nobody can see the scar! I am also very pleased with the new hairline Dr Wong gave me. Thanks Mate! It’s about 28 days after the procedure and yep, just like I have been told, my hair is starting to fall out, only a little so far. I can even see the bulbs on the end of some hairs. Joe warned that this is the most worrying time for a HT patient. But again, I was made aware of this happening and am ready. I do wonder what my hair is going to look like in 5 months. I am nervous, but grateful I have finally taken the plunge and done what I have done. The best thing is that nobody has any idea about it at all.

    I got a chance to meet (DOUG), you know the guy on YouTube that goes around the streets with BobMan and meets up with that Hot Asian chick. Well I did ask JOE about her but unfortunately she wasn’t working at the restaurant any more “Damn”.

    And if you are paranoid about the way your HT looks you can always get DOUG to give a little hair cut to blend in the HT. Fear not because this bloke does the best HT hair cuts in town! Don’t forget to hit him up guys, highly recommended! To round it all up, my experience with Dr Wong & staff was excellent. I was treated with the utmost respect and understanding at all times, and that is a big deal when we all know that losing your hair is a real concern for a lot of guys and not a trivial matter. All I have left to say is – be sure to do your research and be sure your confident with your Dr & be sure it is the right decision for YOU.

    I will post pic's again every few months so stay tunned folks out! Hope all goes well

    Thanks GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ‘Asian GUY’

    >1 hair grafts: 1615
    >2 hair grafts: 3155
    >3&4 hair grafts: 313
    TOTAL: 5083
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    Hey Asian Guy,

    Congratulations on your hair transplant with Dr. Wong. The work looks fantastic! I look forward to following your progress, and thanks for sharing your story with our community.

    Grow well! All the best,
    Spencer Kobren
    Founder, American Hair Loss Association
    Host, The Bald Truth Radio Show

    I am not a physician. My opinions and knowledge concerning hair loss and its treatment are based on extensive research and reporting on the subject as a consumer advocate and hair loss educator. My views and comments on the subject should not be taken as medical advice. Always seek the advice of a medical professional when considering medical and surgical treatment.

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    Thank you for the great write up. Your kind words are most definitely appreciated and it was great to have you here with us. We truly look forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for sharing.

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    Way to go Asian Guy!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and your story. It helps to see other guy’s experiences. Like Spencer said, everything looks fantastic so far.
    Any updates?

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    This is gonna look fantastic when it comes in!

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