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    Hello Dr. Redmond - I have a 17 year old daughter that has been loosing her hair for 11 months now. I first noticed the temple area and forehead. The forehead seems to have receded and you can see white skin where hair used to be. Her temples are almost bald and in bright light they appear to be bald. I think they have a real light covering of hair. I have not noticed any regrowth in these areas, however, in the central part and front I do see thin little hairs sticking up. I do see thinning on the crown and her whole head seems to have thinned. I would guess that a good 50% or more of volume is gone. From Nov. 07-March 08 she was sick with viral infections, sore throat, etc.. I had her at a derm in May that said TE due to severe stress and bullying at school. I took her to a endo that said all hormones were fine and did tons of blood work. I took her to another derm in August that said AGA. She was on loestrin in Oct. 06 and I switched her to Desogen in Dec. 07. I noticed the hair loss in March 08. I put her on Yasmin in Sept. 08 and she continues to take it. She was put on bcp for severe cramps. Can I send you photos? I think there might be other things going on because she is always hot and sometimes she will wake in the middle of the night and vomit. I can't get a doctor to take this serious. I did not think AGA would cause this much hair loss this fast. I thought she was to young for this. I do have AGA and have suffered for almost 11 years, but I was 32 when mine began. Please any advice? Her ferritin was 19.

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    Update: She wants to come off of the yasmin, but the doctor told me this would make her hair shed for 4-6 months. I don't think she can afford this.

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