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    The safest dosage of minoxidil for women to use is, of course, the 2% concentration. This moderate formula was created for women's use and can be bought over the counter at any pharmacy as Women's Rogaine. Some hair loss specialists would suggest a woman use the men's 5% formula for severe hair thinning.

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    I use 2% as recommended by my dermatologist and after nearly 8 months I notice some growth. I use Volume Hair plus on top just to conceal one area and occasionally a regular hair spray for permanent fix when I go to gym. Some women use 1% but I think that as far as I know 2% was developed for women.

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    My dermatologist also mentioned that the 5% Rogaine is most advised for usage - women included

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    So, I am 25 and have been experiencing hair loss and shedding for around 5 years now. I have been using Men's Rogaine for around 4-5 years now. I have been told by three different dermatologists that it is in my best interest to use it and I believe it has helped. From what I understand most dermatologists recommend women using 5% just like men. It just works better if it works for you.
    Rogaine (Minoxidil) is easy to use, and best of allóit works. I found I definitely had increased hair growth. I use the Men's foam (buy the 3-pack, its much cheaper).
    If you're curious I get it online from . It is safe here have a very affordable price and have an excellent service. You can use discount code "GETMYSALE" to get 10% off.
    I think it's important for everyone here to see a doctor to ensure that Rogaine is right for you. I wish you all the best with your hair growth (on your head of course)!

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    Smile Using 5% Rogaine for Men

    I tried the rogaine 2% for women foam and it not only didn't do anything, but it was turning my hair a little yellowish. I am 61 and don't color my hair and have lots of silvery white. I asked my dermatologist about what to do for thinning hair and she said to use the men's 5%. My dermatologist is probably around 40 and has beautiful skin and hair, and she said she uses it every day! I never had bald spots, but always had very fine and short "baby" hair on each side of my crown in the front. I have been using it for about two months and my hair is definitely filling in and getting longer in those spots. It is also a touch darker. It is not a huge difference, but it is slowly working. I also found that Walmart's generic brand was the cheapest. I might try it on my eyebrows too, after reading some comments

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    Wow! I thought men products are only for men! It's great to know that Rogaine can be helpful for women too. I'm excited because my husband uses some hair fall product and including Rogaine. :P

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