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    I had it done and I love the effect. There is a HIS forum where you can see all the photos and stuff.

    In the real world I can tell you I'm digging this new look.

    Its been since the beginning of oct and no body can tell its not the real deal.

    the freedom from toppik and couvre routine is fantastic for me.

    Again ....just my opinion from a gentleman that had this done.

    i did my research and I chose what I believe is the best in this business.

    Good luck deciding and chose the company wisely.

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    It's been three years since I had smp and the look is still excellent. Anybody thinking about smp in the ny tri state area and wants to buy me a cup of coffee or a ****tail can check it out first hand. I prefer if you roll over to Bergen county nj as I have a handicapped kid to care for...yet I love getting together and having a quick drink and shoot the breeze about this cool smp process that dramatically improved the quality of life...

    I'm out there for guys who are curious....and all it will cost you is a cup of coffee or a ****tail. I prefer scotch or a vodka martini....

    Hit me up if your interested.

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    4K.. very pricey and one poster stated the greys will come out someday and it will look bad. I agree. However, for younger men (20's), this is not a bad option as it does give the impression you have hair but just shave it off.

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    I would get a regular/real tattoo (design) before I do that SMP sh*t. $4000 for dots of ink!! What a rip off! It's like more vultures are trying to get in on the action (of preying on people with hair loss). If you have the courage to do the shaved head look, why even bother at all with some stupid ink dots? It's a shaved head either way, dots or no dots. Save your money.

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    hello,,is there any before and after pics I can see from this case,,I am a practitioner in SMP and can tell you that it really matters where you go and who is performing it,,$4000 is not a lot compared to the money from a hair transplant,wigs..you can never get full density unless you have a full head of hair.SMP is more permanent and when done by the right technition it is undetectable ..I personally have been in the Smp world 5 years and seen the worst and best of SMP

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