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    Anyone see the "real time" hair transplantation on the recent episode of the TV show 'THE DOCTORS' ? They had a primary segment and then returned at the close of the show with only 200 grafts remaining to be implanted.

    I was not shocked by the blood or the surgical removal of the donor strip, or the suturing, but I was shocked by two things:

    * That the doctor (Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley, M.D. – Board Certified Head & Neck Surgeon) only made the initial incisions (2000), and then stood back while his "assistants" implanted all the grafts.

    * That the "assistants" were jamming the grafts in any which way they could, assembly-line fashion, with seemingly no art or design involved.

    I was expecting some thought and design to be involved with the front hairline as to which direction the hair would grow and how it would look. After that, I could see the rest being non-critical, and left to others to do.

    It is clear now why many times it is so blatantly obvious that someone has had a HT, while with others you have to really look closely.

    A definite eye-opener for me.


    (This episode aired Monday 5/9)

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    It’s so typical to see the worst doctors on television. I don’t now why that is but whenever I watch one of these shows it always seems like the “board certified” surgeons are doing old mini and micro grafts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delphi View Post
    It’s so typical to see the worst doctors on television.
    That’s because he paid to be on the show, or at least gave (somebody) some in-kind services. This was part of the closing credits:


    Money talks.

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